Black One Blood Brothers PC Controls

Black One Blood Brothers PC Keyboard Controls

Black One Blood Brothers is a tactical shooter that was released recently. You have to command an elite international squad of special operatives against enemy forces. Players play as the Joint Secret Operations (JSO) and lead forces through challenging secret ops all over the globe. As such, there are a lot of controls that you need to remember. Worry not because this guide will show you the Black One Blood Brothers PC keyboard controls.

This guide will cover all of the controls that you need to remember. If you cannot get used to them at once, don’t worry and keep on practicing. With that said, let’s get started and take a look at the Black One Blood Brothers PC keyboard controls.

Default Keyboard Keybinds for Black One Blood Brothers

There are tons of controls in Black One. That is why we have divided each section into its own to make it easier for you to get familiar with them. Keep in mind that all of these are default keybinds and new players should strictly follow them. Once you get the hang of the game, you can start messing around with the controls to see what suits you best.


First up, here are the controls for movement on a keyboard:

Jump / ClimbSpacebar
Walk / Run / Sprint (Hold)Shift
Standing / Crouching / Lying Down (Hold)C
Gun Position / Switch Sight / Weapon Holding (Hold)Ctrl
Lean Left (Hold)Q
Lean Right (Hold)E
Free Look (Hold)Alt


Function Keybind
ShootLeft Mouse Button
Aim (Hold)Right Mouse Button
Interaction 1 / Interaction 2 (Hold)F
Throw GrenadeG
Plant Explosive / Trigger Explosive (Hold)T
Switch Gun / Gun Holstered (Hold)2
Laser / Flashlight / Both (Hold)L
Select FireX
Zoom In/OutMouse Wheel 


Function Keybind
Switch Operator (Hold)Tab
Battle PlanCaps Lock
Support Menu (Hold)U
Main MenuEsc
Photo ModeP
Trigger AlphaF1
Trigger BravoF2
Trigger CharlieF3
Trigger DeltaF4
Trigger EchoF5
Trigger FoxtrotF6

Those are all the controls in Black One Blood Brothers. Let us know what you think of the game so far and do you like the default keybinds? We would love to know what keybinds you are using. Also, be sure to check out the God of War keybinds for PC.

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