God Of War PC Controls for Keyboard, Controller, Mouse

god of war pc controls

God of War PC has just been released and we have the complete PC controls for both mouse / keyboard and controllers for you right here. The binds, as of yet, seem to be a direct replication of the game from the PS4, which was to be expected.

From our experience, the game plays much better on a controller as compared to mouse / keyboard since you’ll be able to switch axes effectively and weave around in a shaper fashion.

God Of War PC Keyboard Controls

Here are the complete default PC Controls / Keybinds available for both mouse, keyboard, and controller

Xbox / Controller Controls

We still are not sure of how the controls will look like on the Xbox. However, we’ll update this post as soon as we have them for you. They should bear most resemblance with the PS4 controller’s mappings though.

If you are having an issue with your controller, you can take a look at our guide for fixing that right here!

PS4 / Controller Controls

God of War PS4 Controls
Light AttackR1
Heavy AttackR2
Equip Leviathan AxeRight on D-pad
Equip Blades of Chaos Left on D-pad
Switch To Unarmed AttackRight on D-pad while Axe is equipped, or left on D-Pad while Blades are equipped
Quick TurnDown on D-Pad
Change Atreus’ ArrowsUp on D-Pad
Aim Leviathan Axe L2
Throw Leviathan AxeR1 while aiming
Call Back Leviathan AxeTriangle
Interact Circle
Command AtreusSquare
Block L1
Dodge X
Rolling Dodge Double-tap X
Sprint L3
Spartan Rage– L3 and R3

PC / Mouse Controls

God of War PC Controls
Light AttackLeft Click
Heavy AttackRight Click
Equip Leviathan Axe1
Equip Blades of Chaos 1
Switch To Unarmed AttackRight on D-pad while Axe is equipped, or left on D-Pad while Blades are equipped
Quick TurnX
Change Atreus’ ArrowsUp Arrow
Aim Leviathan Axe MMB
Throw Leviathan AxeRight Click
Call Back Leviathan AxeR
Interact E
Command AtreusF
Block Q
Dodge X
Rolling Dodge Double-tap X
Sprint Shift
Spartan RageShift + MMB
Photo ModeP

Are you happy with the default keybinds or did you end up changing them? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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