When will Brawl Stars Season 4 End?

brawl stars season 4 end date

Brawl Star’s Season 4 has seen the introduction of new characters Edgar and Byron into the mix. Moreover, as a celebration of the holiday season custom maps have also been added with community votes being taken to determine which of the custom maps will turn into a permanent feature of the game.

Brawl Stars is a 3v3 Top-Down Shooter developed by the Finnish video game studio, Supercell. The game features fun arcade-style gameplay with real time live multiplayer battles. Recently, the game has added a Battle Pass into the mix with unique skins and other cosmetic items being introduced on a seasonal basis.

Brawl Stars Season 4 End Date

brawl stars season 4 end date

If you open up the game, the countdown states that Season 4 Holiday Getaway will be ending on the 1st of February. There has been no detail, leaks or rumors about Brawl Stars Season 5 yet. Usually, you can expect the new Season to be coming out within a week of the previous one’s last date. Players should rejoice knowing that they now have over a month to complete the Battle Pass.

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Whether you are a free Battle Pass user or have paid for the premium ones, we recommend that you complete your daily missions and XP to get to the highest tier. Premium Users get the added benefit of unlocking a King Lou skin on the highest tier of the Battle Pass.

If you have just gotten back into the game, it is still quite easy to level your Battle Pass up and claim all the rewards! Be sure to do it quickly as Brawl Stars Season 4’s end date is only a month away!

This concludes everything you needed to know about the end date of Brawl Stars Season 4. Stay tuned for more news!

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