How to Buy Survivor Pass in PUBG: New State

How To Buy Survivor Pass in PUBG: New State

Fans across the globe are playing PUBG: New State and they are loving every second of it. There are a bunch of new features added to the game like new weapons, vehicles, better button customization, and more. The Survivor Pass also makes a return but this time, it features more rewards and tons of new content. Find out how to buy the Survivor Pass in PUBG: New State.

There are many new players playing PUBG: New State for the first time and most of them are confused regarding the Survivor Pass. Worry not because this guide will explain in detail how you can buy the Survivor Pass in PUBG: New State.

Unlock the PUBG: New State Survivor Pass

How To Buy Survivor Pass in PUBG: New State

Before we discuss how to unlock the pass, let’s talk about what it offers. There are two categories included in each pass; free and premium rewards. The free rewards can be claimed when you level up the battle pass but the premium ones can only be claimed when you buy it. There are tons of cosmetics like skins, clothes, and weapon skins for you to unlock. Now that we know what the pass usually offer, let’s find out how you can purchase it:

  • Launch PUBG: New State
  • Add NC to your account depening on the pass you want to purchase
  • After adding NC, go back to the menu
  • From the menu, click on the Pass icon at the top right underneath settings
  • Press Upgrade to Premium at the bottom right
  • Purchase premium or premium plus pass

It is extremely easy to purchase the Survivor Pass in PUBG: New State. Once you’ve purchased the pass, you will want to play as many games as possible and complete all the missions. This will ensure that you level up quickly and get all the rewards.

Download PUBG: New State right now and get the battle pass to begin your journey! If you’re having trouble looking around and spotting enemies, make sure to check out our sensitivity guide and the best graphics settings for PUBG: New State.

With that, we have come to the end of our guide regarding how to buy Survivor Pass in PUBG: New State. Hopefully, it assisted you in purchasing the pass and leveling it up. Let us know in the comments below which reward is your favorite and at which tier are you at right now?

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