Call of Duty: Mobile January 21 Community Update | Season 1: New Order

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Call of Duty: Mobile has made all the fans of the game more excited with their latest January 21 community update. As we all know, Call of Duty releases a new season of the mobile game every month, and it is always better than the previous one. Right now, the 13th season is going on, but it will be ending soon. What will follow is a brand new start to the game with the developers starting the new year by renaming the 14th season to Season 1 – 2021, also now called Season 1: New Order.

In this article, we will discuss all the news and updates that the Call of Duty: Mobile developers team has shared with the fans and players. Therefore, you would want to read till the end to not miss out on anything.

Season 13 Events

To begin with, let us first take a look at all the ongoing events in Call of Duty: Mobile season 13.

  • 01/15 – 01/26 ~ Snow Day (BR)
  • 01/20 – 01/26 ~ Extra, Extra! (MP)
  • 01/22 – 01/26 ~ One Last Farewell (Login Event)
  • Last Chance
    • Seasonal Challenges
    • Magma Eruption Mythic Drop
    • Crevasse Crate
    • Winter Mason Bundle
  • 01/26?? ~ New Season Incoming

*All Dates UTC

The Season 1: New Order of Call of Duty: Mobile might release on the 26th of January, as hinted in their January 21 community update. But, they have said that they will neither be revealing the actual launch update in-game nor through social media. Another community update will release and then we will know the actual update. Nonetheless, make sure you complete all the tasks from the events, and challenges to get all the rewards before the season ends.

Season 1: New Order

Call of Duty: Mobile didn’t reveal much about the in-game content of the upcoming season, but they have given a hint about the theme of the new season 1. It is going to be a whole new start to the game in a sense, and the season will be way better than any of the past ones. New guns, maps, perks, scorestreaks, challenges, events, and much more will make their way to the game, along with a brand new battle pass.

COD Mobile will be sharing more information about the New Order season via in-game mail or through their social media handles. Thus, make sure to keep an eye out for that.

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S1 New Weapons

There will be two weapons coming in the next season as well, likewise, the prior ones. One is going to be an AR while the other being the second gun in the marksman category.

The very first weapon is an assault rifle which, owing to its burst fire abilities, is amazingly suitable for long fire-fights. It has the potential to be very precise, and it works well as a medium-to-long-range assault weapon. It packs a punch. In the upcoming Battle Pass, you will be able to acquire this one.

COD Mobile S! new weapon | January 15 update

The second will focus mostly on the long-range gun battles. It will be very beneficial at that range and has a fast fire rate as compared to the normal sniper rifles. As Call of Duty: Mobile developers have said that it is only going to be the second of its class, then it will be in the category of the marksman rifle category.

COD Mobile S1 new weapon | Jan 15 update

It will be available through the seasonal challenges of COD Mobile later in the season. Both the upcoming guns focus the most on long-range gunfights.

S1 Multiplayer Map

COD Mobile S1 new map | January 15 update

The newest map for COD Mobile is a whole new one. This moderate map, like Cage, from many seasons ago, is exclusive to the Call of Duty world and it will be featured in Season 1. This town was left deserted, as then nature came to regain what used to be part of it. Fight across the ruins of this strange shopping district that was simply gearing up until it was deserted for the holidays.

We will receive more news about the upcoming map through the social media posts of COD Mobile, alongside Call of Duty: Mobile blogs.

S1 New Modes

As we already know that a new mode by the name of Attack of the Undead 20 will be coming to the game, where it will be played among 20 players. Besides that, some new time-limited modes for Battle Royale have been decided by Call of Duty: Mobile developers that will make their way into the game soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call of Duty: Mobile team, in their latest 21 January community update, has answered some of the most asked questions by the fans regarding the new Season 1. Here are the answers, as answered by the official team.

  • Are new voice overs coming in Season 1? – Yes, some of your favorite operators will be getting new voice overs in this update, including Ghost. More on that next week.
  • Is Season 1 military themed or fantastical? –This season is leaning more towards fantastical with a strong theme focused on future tech.
  • Is Overkill coming in this update? – No, have no intention of adding this perk until we feel weapons are nearly perfectly balanced due to how much it would affect weapon balance.
  • New Gunsmith updates? – No, there are aspects of this being tweaked constantly and some of that should be coming soon, but there aren’t any major changes to this system in the S1 update.
  • Are CODM China Features coming to CODM Global? – Possibly, this is something we are considering on a case-by-case basis depending on what makes sense for each version.

Last but not least, the team has said that they are constantly working on the bug fixes, and most of them will be fixed by the next update. The new season is set to release in less than a week, and the wait is about to be over.

This was all about the Call of Duty: Mobile January 21 community update. We will be covering more of them as soon as they arrive.

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