Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 Incoming with Standoff Halloween, New Map and Weapon

Call of duty mobile Season 9

As Halloween inches closer, the release of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 is expected to be right around the corner as Spooktobers enter the second half. We expect a full-blown Halloween theme to be added to features present in the game, with a few iconic events returning.

With such amazing previous Halloween events, it’s pretty understandable that long-term fans have held high expectations from this event, and according to a recent community update made by CODM Official, they did not disappoint.

Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 9 Release Community Update

According to the post, the Season 9 release community update will be gracing us next week with complete information regarding the upcoming new maps, new weapons, and what we’ve all been most curious about, new events! However, there are a few things the post was able to claim to have been included in the upcoming season, so let’s talk about those.

UPDATE: The official patch notes for the CODM Season 9 update is now available. You can read them all here: COD Mobile Season 9 Update Patch Notes

Map Updates

Hovec Sawmill

Hovec sawmill
Check out what the map has to offer in this Hovec Sawmill Flythrough!

The upcoming season takes on a complete Halloween-based theme is said to be called Hovec Sawmill. The season is expected to bring a new multi-player map, based on a night version of an abandoned village from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and features multiple open areas, perfect for getting a flank going, indoor combat, and an amazing crumbling tower that looms over the entire map.

Halloween Standoff

Halloween standoff
The developer has also provided age-old fans with a trip down nostalgia lane with this Halloween Standoff Flythrough!

The most iconic map from the very first season of the game is here again, and it’s even better than before. According to what we know, the fan-favorite map has been one of the most requested maps to have returned, and the developers have finally provided the masses with what they want.

However, there isn’t much information regarding what has changed on the map, so we’d have to wait for the community update to come out, but the community update on Devtracker provided a pretty confident claim that there is going to be new content, which is always exciting news.

New Weapons


With every seasonal update, there are usually two new weapons that come out, changing the whole dynamic of the game. The developer teased one of these weapons as the new 5-part M13 Assault Rifle—a mid-tier damage weapon with an amazing fire rate and added accuracy.



Season 9 update brings back the very first legendary operator in the game; Dark Nikto is back! And players have a chance once more to claim this menacing operator with the “Dark Side Redux” draw in-game. Dark Nikto comes along with unique custom cosmetics, such as a kill tracker on his wrist and a personalized parachute!

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So there you have it! What do you think of this update? Are you excited? Do you expect something more that we might have missed out upon? Let us know in the comments below!

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