Are FIFA 22 Servers Down? Server Update and Maintenance Status


This is how you can do a quick check on the FIFA 22 server status, if they are down right now for any maintenance or other issues. FIFA 22’s recent release has brought along a profusion of bugs, with maintenance issues being the star of the show. This year’s iteration of the FIFA franchise has captivated fans with a plethora of Season Rewards and Soundtracks to indulge in. However, a game as popular as FIFA tends to have its fair share of breakdowns and errors. So, checking the server status might be a bit necessary.

EA Servers have been annoying players by preventing them from signing in to open FUT Rival Rewards, looking to play the FUT Champions Weekend League, or even trying out a couple of matches of Pro Clubs. This guide will give you detailed instructions on how to confirm the status of EA Servers.

How to Check FIFA 22 Servers

EA Servers have been kicking people out of matches or prompting a “Not available to connect to right now” error, leaving fans in dismay. For your ease, we have made this guide which would help keep you up to date with EA Server Status and confirm if there is a backend server problem or something wrong from your side.

How to Check EA Server Status

If you are unable to connect in-game, there might be a possibility that the FIFA servers are offline at the moment. To check if the servers are down, you can head over to the official EA Server Status Webpage. Click on the green circle to check the availability of servers.

EA server Status

You can also go over to FIFA Communication Twitter for communications regarding scheduled maintenance, repairs, and updates.

Lagging in Online Matches

If you are experience lag during your online games, consider it a strong indicator of the fact that servers might just be going down. It’s also important to note that the servers might be going down for maintenance if you’re unable to sign in to EA Servers using menus.

Fifa 22 server connection

What to do during Maintenance Hours

FIFA 22 has numerous game modes which allow the player to play matches offline. You can also play the game multiplayer with a friend while the servers are back up. Here are some of the offline game modes you can try out: 

  • Career Mode
  • Player Career Mode
  • Create-A-Club
  • Kick-Off

We’ll try to keep you guys updated about any scheduled Maintenance or Server Repairs. Be sure to pop back whenever your servers aren’t connecting to get the latest updates.

Regular server maintenance isn’t all bad as it means that the developers care about the game and are actively looking to fix bugs and issues. What stands out for you in this year’s iteration of FIFA? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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