How to Check League Of Legends Server Status

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League of Legends is a MOBA that solely relies on your internet connection. Just like any other server on the internet, the game can suffer from connection failures and issues. If you suddenly are suffering from packet loss, have high ping, or cannot log in to the client properly. You can now use the official Riot website alongside other third-party independent tools to get an idea of the matter at hand.

League is known to have some trouble, especially when the game is updated and on the weekends. Therefore, it makes sense that the developers have amped up their server maintenance speeds and are improving their server status page simultaneously.

How to Check League of Legends Server Status

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While the official website is an accurate way to get information, it might not be updated quickly a lot of times. There are a few other ways you can League of Legend’s server status. Here’s how:

Using the Official Riot Website

check league server status riot support site

Perhaps the simplest way to check if the servers are down or up, the website instantly provides you with all the information you need. However, do note that the Riot Support Staff maintains this website. So, there is a high chance that there might be an issue with the server even though the website says not to.

Here’s how you can check:

  • Open the Riot Games Support Website
  • Look for issues. If there aren’t any, make sure to check your Internet connection and look at the alternative methods shown below.

Using Riot and League of Legend’s Official Twitter

Riot and the League of Legends’ official Twitter page provide you with a ton of information about the game regarding updates and regularly scheduled maintenance. You end up getting update like these from the Twitter page, which you will not be able to get anywhere else:

The League of Legends Subreddit

check league server status subreddit

The League of Legends subreddit tells you a lot more about the game other than the server status. Alongside official updates, the subreddit is filled with memes, announcements, and information about the game from other players. Plus, if you are one of the first few to notice the downtime, you can always scroll to the new section of the particular subreddit and post about the issue there.

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Down Detector

check league server status down detector

Perhaps the quickest way to know of any issues, the Down Detector can instantly tell you if something is wrong as it relies on user-based reports. So, if you really think League is down but cannot find information regarding the issue anywhere, this site is the place to go to.

The Server Is Down, How Do I Report It?

The best way to report the server being down is to go ahead and post a complaint on the official Riot Games Server status page. Here are the steps you need to follow to do so:

  • Head on over to League of Legends support site.
  • Click on Report an Issue and select League of Legends
  • You can then choose the particular issue you are suffering from.
  • In our case, click on the Submit a Ticket option and provide as much evidence as you can whilist filing the complaint.

Thankfully, League of Legends does not have weekly maintenance updates, unlike other major updates. If a server is down, the chances are that it will be back up really shortly. If the server does not seem to be down, but you still cannot connect, make sure that your Internet is working properly and that your firewall is not blocking the game.

If that still does not resolve it, at least one of these methods should provide you with some insight as to how you can check League of Legend’s server status. Alternatively, you can also check the League of Legends Service Status page for any major updates.

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