How to Check Steam Server Status, Maintenance, Downtime Information

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Rumour has it, if you’re facing difficulties connecting to Steam, you might not be alone. Steam hosts a massive library of games, dumping constant strain on Steam’s own servers. If you’ve been unable to log in to your account or facing connectivity issues, it might be an issue from the developer’s ends.

There are many reasons for Steam servers to be unresponsive, with the key note being scheduled maintenance. However, heavy traffic for pre-orders and new games can also be a leading cause in this case. If you’re unsure about why can’t you connect to Steam Servers, we might have some tips to help you out.

Check Steam Server Status

There are quite a few ways to determine whether the culprit is your own system or the problem is from Steam Server’s themselves. For the most part, it’s just our internet acting up, however, there’s no harm in checking the official Server Status for Steam just in case.

Steam Stats

If you believe that Steam Servers are acting odd, you can head over to the official Steam Stats webpage to view the traffic for the last 48 hours. A sudden near verticle drop in the graph would indicate that a multitude of players were unable to access Steam. This could help prove your hunch about the Server Status.

Steam Stats

Unofficial Steam Stats

SteamStat is an Unofficial website that displays the Server Status of specific games and regions. You are also able to view how many players are currently connected to Steam, providing you with an idea if the servers are down for you or not. As the website is not connected with Steam, you’ll be able to load it up even if the Steam Servers are actually down.


You can also follow their Twitter to keep track of server downtimes and to be notified whenever they’re up and running.

In case Steam Servers are down, all we can do is wait patiently for the developers to get them up and running. What do you like to play whenever servers are down?

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