Chopper – Light Machine Gun | Overview, Stats, Loadout in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile currently has the assault rifle meta with the DRH, ICR-1, Man-o-War and ASM-10 taking all the limelight. That being said, there is a certain Light Machine Gun (LMG), which can not only beat assault rifles at medium/long range, but can also defeat SMGS at short range, if you do your movement and spray right. Yes, we are talking about the Chopper!

The main focus of this article is going to be the overview/details, stats and best loadout for the Chopper. So, let’s dive right into it!


Chopper LMG in COD Mobile

Chopper is being used more and more in the game as the time progresses. Many players now are knowing the worth of the best LMG in the game. You’d see at least one Chopper in every pro team you play against. What makes the gun so good is it’s fast fire rate and high damage.

On the negative aspect of things, it has low mobility and movement speed, but why rush people when you can literally melt them at medium and long ranges? Even at short range, the chopper is a beast. You have every chance of winning your gunfight if your reflexes are up to the mark, and your movement and reaction time is top notch.

Other LMGs in the game are not even close to good. However, the chopper can compete against any gun and you can trust the weapon to win you those gun battles.

Chopper Stats – Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy

Fire Rate:75

These are the base stats of the Chopper LMG. You can make this gun a lot better with the gunsmith attachments. However, the loadout we suggest is one of the best to use, and once you master the weapon, you’ll destroy your opponents.

Chopper – Best Attachments, Gunsmith Loadout

Best Chopper gunsmith loadout in COD Mobile

A detailed post regarding this particular loadout is available on our website as well, you can check that out, here. Here, you can see a short list of the attachments that we suggest using with the Chopper, to make it overpowered and a laser beam.

  • Muzzle: OWC Light Compensator
  • Barrel: Chopper Infantry
  • Perk: FMJ
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Heavy Handle

The loadout focuses mainly on controlling the recoil, improving the accuracy and increasing the range of the weapon. This is one of the best loadout for this particular gun, do try it out to get the hang of the weapon yourself.

Best Perks

We’ll divide the perks in two categories, one for Search and Destroy mode, and the other one for respawn modes like Domination and Hardpoint.

For Search and Destroy Mode

The best perks to use in Search and Destroy without any arguments are Light Weight, Hard Wired and Dead Silence.

First of all, Light Weight will help you with that movement speed and you can escape quickly after getting a kill with this particular perk equipped.

Light Weight: Sprinting speed is increased by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced.

Light weight perk in COD Mobile

For the green perk, just close your eyes and equip the Hard Wired perk. You don’t wanna die to a Trip Mine and give your team a 4v5 disadvantage.

Hard Wired: Immune to Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades, and no longer trigger Trip Mines. Reduces the effectiveness of enemy Tracker perks.

Hard Wired Perk in COD Mobile

Lastly, Dead Silence is the go-to perk in the blue category. Your footsteps will be silent and the enemy won’t be able to hear your movement.

Dead Silence: Silent Movement

Dead Silence Perk

If you don’t want to use dead silence for instance, then the Alert perk is a replacement for that. It’ll let you see the footprints of the enemy, even if they have dead silence. But mind you, you footsteps won’t be silent either.

Alert: Shows a general location of enemies on the mini-map when near the player.

Alert Perk

For Domination and Hardpoint

Persistance and Hardline are the most used perks in the pro community now-a-days. The combo allows you to activate your scorestreaks faster, after reaching a certain amount of points, no matter how many times you die.

Persistance: Scorestreak progression does not reset on death, but Scorestreaks costs are doubled.


Hardline: Increase points earned by killing enemies by 25%.

For the Green Perk you have multiple choices, but, to avoid getting flinched during an intense gunfight, you would want to use the Toughness perk. It’ll help you a lot in your battles and there will be much less aim shake.

Toughness: Reduces flinch from damage received by 60%.

Toughness Perk

This was our detailed analysis about the Chopper Light Machine Gun. It is the perfect gun to play a support role and hold certain angles. Do max out the gun and hop into a game or two with our suggested loadout, and, hopefully you will enjoy playing with this gun.

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