Clash of Clans World Championship 2020 Finals | Dates Announced

Clash of Clans World Championship 2020

Here are dates for the finals of Clash of Clans World Championship 2020. CoC has been one of the best and most popular real-time / combat strategy games. 500M+ downloads talk about the popularity itself. Clash of Clans will be conducting it’s second World Championship finals later this year. Eight teams will be competing in the finals for a million dollar prize pool. After Nova Esports took the trophy home last year, it’ll be exciting to see who comes out on top this time around.

There have been 4 qualifiers up till now, out of 6. The remaining two will be held on 16th-18th October and 30th October to 1st November. And, the World Championship finals will be played from 27th to 29th of November.

How to Qualify for the Qualifiers?

Well, Clash of Clans World Championship 2020 has six qualifiers held over the year and any team can play them through the in-game Clan War leagues or ESL Play Cups. Just like last year, these qualifiers were to be held offline. But instead of being played offline in Poland, they are now being played online, as the international flights are banned due to the ongoing pandemic.

Clash of Clans World Championship 2020 Finals

Qualified Teams

4 qualifiers have been played as of now and the teams that have qualified are:

  • ATN.aTTaX
  • Vatang
  • Ni Chang Dance
  • x6tence

Dates of the 5th and 6th qualifiers have already been mentioned. Apart from this, the last two teams will qualify after a voting poll. Same as last year, the two teams who performed pretty well in the qualifiers but couldn’t qualify for the finals will get another chance to make it to the big stage through the in-game wildcard voting,

Last year’s World Championship of Clash of Clans was a blast. This year, we are not getting offline qualifiers due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are still in for a treat in the finals of the 2nd edition of the biggest CoC event.

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