COD Mobile Season 11 Test Server, Anniversary Update Release Date

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Call of Duty: Mobile will be celebrating their very first anniversary next month in October, and there is a big update planned for it. COD Mobile Season 11 is scheduled to be released in the mid of October at some point, which will bring the new anniversary update live for everyone.

Just like most other mobile games, Call of Duty: Mobile releases new content for the players every month in seasonal updates. Currently, we have the Season 10 (The Hunt) going on which will end next month in mid-October.

Let’s take a look at what we know so far about the hype around this anniversary update in COD Mobile Season 11.

COD Mobile Season 11 Test Server

Since the last few months, Call of Duty: Mobile team has released test server builds for players to test upcoming features and new maps to iron out any bugs. This allows us to know what new weapons, items and changes can we expect over the next couple of months.

In a recent post on Reddit, the COD Mobile team stated that there will not be any test server this time around. They are gearing up for a major anniversary update surprise, so they do not want players to know from before on what’s coming ahead.

Here is a screenshot of the post:

When will COD Mobile Anniversary Update Release?

New game updates used to come at the start of every month, but that has somewhat changed recently. The current season is supposed to end on 15th September, so then only we can expect Season 11 of COD Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile was released on 1st October 2019, so one can expect the anniversary update to arrive on the first of next month. This is not case though. The developers have stated that the new anniversary update will only release alongside COD Mobile Season 11 and you can expect it around mid-October.

For those waiting for new events around the anniversary time, there may be a few things planned for 1st October. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks

COD Mobile Anniversary Update

We are half way through into Season 10, so a lot of you would be already be looking for Season 11 leaks. These leaks tell you what to expect in the next season and what’s new coming to the game.

For Season 11, the developers have been tight lipped and keeping things in secret. They do not want new surprises and features to be out in public. This is the reason why we are not getting a Season 11 test server build.

As per the team, they will start giving out teasers in early October. So, stay tuned!

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