COD Mobile Season 13 Test Server Confirmed | Details Revealed

COD Mobile Season 13 test server details confirmed

Call of Duty: Mobile is regarded as one of the best, if not the best FPS game out there, and there’s a reason behind that. Every month we receive a new update in the game with many new features, maps, modes, guns, skins, perks, operator skills along with a ton of events and seasonal challenges. The Season 12 of COD Mobile is currently running in the game, and it’s supposed to continue till the mid of December.

The new Season 13 of COD Mobile will be released once the current season ends, and there’s a good news in store for the players out there. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 will have a test server before the actual update drops, and it has been confirmed by the developers.

COD Mobile Season 13 Test Server Details

Previous two seasons of COD Mobile, that were the season 11 and the ongoing season 12, didn’t have any test server. All of the in-game content was kept a secret and a surprise for the players all around the world. However, that’s not going to be the case for Season 13.

Below, you can see the official Reddit post of COD Mobile, regarding the test server of Season 13, and it has been clearly written that the forthcoming season won’t be kept a secret.

COD Mobile Season 13 test server details confirmed

The issue of the current balance changes, ranked system and desync / lag is making the game annoying. The META is of only two guns every season, and people keep using them, which makes the game less and less competitive. This season, it’s the HVK-30 and the Akimbo Fennec.

Ranked System is also not very competitive and you can easily reach Legendary rank without any difficulty. And last but not the least, the desync and lag in the game is very tilting and needs to be fixed in the first place.

We hope the new season will have a better balance change and the above mentioned issues will also be fixed to make the game more exciting to play.

We are still in the early days of Season 12 and there’s a lot of time left before Season 13 drops. But the test server will be available probably a week before the actual update, and only then we’ll see what the upcoming season is going to offer.

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