How to Contact Customer Support for Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has been on the most awaited game list for the past 4 years for many people. Dying Light 2 is getting much praise for its world but few people are facing issues especially on the consoles. Let us guide you to the proper channels where you can voice your concerns to the developers.

With any game that goes through such a delay in development, there are bound to be some issues popping here and there. Some issue can be easily fixed while others require support from the developers.

Contact Dying Light 2 Customer Support (Techland)

Dying Light 2’s developers recently announced to make sure the Day One patch of the game is installed before even starting the game to fix any known bugs circulating about the game. Even then if any problem persists and you have scoured the internet and no solution is there try contacting the below-mentioned links/websites to find a solution.

Techland Support

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Techland the developers of Dying Light 2 have a robust customer support page where there are FAQs or Solutions or you can ask them directly stating what issues you are facing by selecting Get help for this product. Hopefully your problem would be catered to through these means.

Seek Help From Forums

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The solution page has topics regarding many of the problems at hand ranging from Console specific issues to PC setting problems and General queries that you might have.

Lodging an Official Complaint

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Get help for this product or the ticket system of complaining lodging is the last resort to finding your solution. Techland has kept up with customers in the past and would surely do the same this time around. So don’t worry that your complain might get lost in their system there is a good chance you might an audience with them.

We hope that this guide diverted you to the right place to get support and if you are still facing any type of issue try contacting Techland’s Twitter, this is not an official complaint portal but any effort towards getting your solution is appreciated.

Let us know by commenting below if Techland is supportive in this regard.

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Wasay Hasan

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  1. I played 12 hours and my game dashboarded and now its put me back to the start of the missions i am beyond annoyed took me long enough to get where i was not happy one bit and multiplayer needs sorted

    • I just finished a mission and it was loading to something then my screen went black so I waited 5 mins then closed app. Then I opened up the game again and hit “continue” and now it won’t load into the game I’m so upset all I wanna do is play the game but now I can’t even play where I left off bc it wont load🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I’m on ps5

    • I have waisted hours to reach a story mission a place to call home. I have finished the mission bit the elevator won’t come down so I can finish the mission now I guess I will have to start from scratch which I’m not willing to do this game has bug after bug followed by black screen freezing crashing disaster!!

        • Ive played this game twice an both times I get hella far in the story or almost the end the game glitches and I fall thro the earth over an over an over an over an over an over an over an over an over an over im extremely another

      • i Love This game BUT….. when I got off the game and I got back I started loading my game back up, except when it was done loading in everything in my inventory was gone… I have no mods which means I can’t make pick locks or med kits, and I can’t buy the mods back because you can only earn it threw a mission , now I have to restart after 35hours of playing.. disappointed I haven’t played it In 2 days I’m so mad I have to do everything over again. Fix please I don’t even want to start over if the game is going to glitch.

    • This game is complete bs. Who tf makes a zombie game and only puts melee weapons wtf. I would never recommend this game to a friend, the fun thing about zombie games is shooting zombies. Rating this game with a giant thumbs down

    • Absolutely pissed off and angry at dying light 2
      It’s just bad needed a good year or 2 more before release why put out a game that doesn’t let you play properly resetting missions which then do not allow you to complete them trying to open the last air drop which I’ve done countless times to be told its unopened.
      I want my money back

  2. Door to PK command post will not open so I can return the Lazarus to Aitor.
    All walk throughs show you just click on the handle!
    Good thing the UV lights are on because it just sounded those creepy sirens and now it’s dark!!!
    Am I missing something to open this door?
    Also the crazy lady at the bazaar keeps saying wait so can’t give her the squirrel stole back.

    • This game sucks. After who knows how many patches and upgrades its now worse. Jumping from a rope it freezes,and then you fall ans die, going after goons,howlers, they just vanish as you hit them. Story lines disappear as you go to complete them, lower zombies kill you with one hit while you play wack a mole on them. Most of the cgi is a pale grey with no colour, thesounds are 5 minutes behind what your doing, the main character is always breathing hard or screaming even when your not doing anything. THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST GAMES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I TO WANT MY MONEY BACK. I play on ps4

  3. I bought 2 copies if dying light 2 for the ps5 one for me and one for my son after playing the game for 10 hours my sons game keeps saying ow that he’s leaving the mission area even though he isn’t on a mission and killing him after 4 seconds and because techland the geniuses have made the game so you can’t have multiple saves he’s cant progress and keeps dying after 4 seconds each time he continues the game

  4. All ps4 ps5 need up date we have to keep restarting the game after every mission or saving some one I have restarted that game about 20 time in two hours can u plz fix it I am your most honourable player I will nether quit this game

  5. I bought dying light 2 for pc from epic games but the game never saves any progress after sleeping or finishing missions it never saves progress. If i quote the game and start it again i cant continue and have to start over from the bezinning with adjusting the light brightness. I starten over the game abought 15 times now and im really sick of it. Whats the point of playing if i have to start over evry single time. I waited so long for this game i paid allot of money can someone please tell me how i can fix the game so that my progress gems saved and i dont have to start over the whole game from the bezinning im sick of it. Please help me

  6. I was in the central city playing with my son and got disconnected I went to continue and it put me back at beginning now I’m stuck at a door that’s unlocked but I can’t progress because the door keeps telling me to unlock it I’m so disappointed in this game we wait so long for it to come out and it sucks that’s a $100 dollars down the drain

  7. Release a update fix your stuff stop waiting I’m tired of blue screening losing my stuff done had to got back to beginning because of glitches didn’t save when I was in central city now all my stuff gone all this time waiting on this game to come out and it’s still not ready the disappointment is real guess I’ll wait 3 months or more for it to be fixed

  8. I have not received any twitch drops , it always says connect to account. When I’m already logged in and still waiting for my drops and to no availed, I don’t know what to do, my time to claim my rewards would expire in 4 days!! Can you please help me with this issue??

  9. On story mission the lost light I completed mission all boxes checked but I died right after killing the even though it’s all checked off it still shows as an active story mission so I can’t advance story .can I please get assistance with this issue.

  10. Please help!! The elevators are not working for my Xbox 1 console. I cannot go on with the story because of it! The elevator won’t come down at Garrison Electrical Station! I think they all need to get fixed!!!

    • My game keeps making a buzzing sound and then it completely kills out on all sounds happens while in battles happens while doing boss fights happens on random fights everything just randomly it starts a loud buzzing sound and then I can lose all sound it’s not my headset because when I hit the button to cancel the shut the game down I can hear the noises from that

  11. I’m so upset I really want my 80 bucks back im at the end of a mission and the damn elevator is bugged out and I’m not erasing it I have seen ppl say they just lose their 7 hours it has been 4 years should not have this many problems not to mention on cut scenes characters are invisible smh this hurt my feelings smfh

    • This game sucks. After who knows how many patches and upgrades its now worse. Jumping from a rope it freezes,and then you fall ans die, going after goons,howlers, they just vanish as you hit them. Story lines disappear as you go to complete them, lower zombies kill you with one hit while you play wack a mole on them. Most of the cgi is a pale grey with no colour, thesounds are 5 minutes behind what your doing, the main character is always breathing hard or screaming even when your not doing anything. THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST GAMES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I TO WANT MY MONEY BACK. I play on ps4

  12. W.t.f have you done with a pucker game you turned it into a pile of shit no guns crafting is totally off graphics have dropped some and you can’t go out at night w.t.f what was the point of making this shit just to take money off people I waited acupple of years and payed good money for this for nothing and I look up and see so many people upset with this game what are you playing at if you’re going to make another game like this then I say don’t bother will not be wasting my money on your games again this reminds me of metal gear solid great game turned bad trying to reach to far to fast not thinking of the consequences.

  13. And why is my complaint awaiting moderation im an old head been loyal to xbox since it came out why not do the same???

  14. W.t.f didn’t like what I had to say did you my message was deleted by you so I put it back what have you done to this game it was a pucker game and you turned it into a pile of shit no guns the crafting is off graphics have dropped some and you can’t go out at night w.t.f what was the point of making this shit just to take money off people I looked up and see so many people upset with this game what are you playing at waited acupple of years for the game and for what this reminds me of metal gear solid great game turned bad trying to reach to far to fast not thinking of the consequences (what a joke) I’ve seen to many games go down the same road and lost so much money off them why don’t game makers use some common sense great title gone out window???

  15. The audio when I try to talk to people cuts out and then stops working. Can’t hear anything gthey say. It was working then stopped. I’ve had to delete and redownload the damn game 4 times. Need a solution.

  16. None of your solutions that you guys have put out for the bug of no sound or buzzing are for console all you guys are doing is putting out solutions for PC what console players don’t matter come up with a solution for the console the only solution I’ve got for my Xbox is to completely restart the game

  17. Dying light 2 is a disgrace compared to the first game. Did you deliberately try and destroy the graphics on purpose?I mean every Zombie looks the same. The voice acting is horrible. What a disappointment, total waist of money.You should of at least spent the time and matched the graphics to the first game.

  18. Hi, I lost my inhibitor upgrades. I was at level 12 stamina and like level 10 health now both went back to 5 after joining a random lobby. And I was demoted back to level 5 from 6 (about to be 7) and lost my skills and skill points. I even have level 6 gear to prove I was that level.
    Anyone know any solution?

  19. I have played 31 hours mainly co op because my game is locked from progression due to some glitch with the only way out mission. Waited all week for patch and fix well guess what still not fixed and im not starting over PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!

  20. I am on a mission to collect herbs to save frank I collected 15 and only needed 5 and the mission won’t move on, it’s glitched time does not move its stuck in day. I died I completed other missions i have restarted the game restarted my xbox and still I am glitched 60 dollars for a game and I can’t even complete the mission!!!! Help

  21. Hi on ps4 / ps5 completed the story mode and haven’t had a opportunity to upgrade my paraglider or my grappling hook the time and money I’ve spent on this game I want to be able to use my product I live the game bugs are bugs but I kno people with upgraded items yet I can’t

  22. I got stuck in a death loop because it said I left the mission area when I logged off and then when I came back I spawned halfway across the map and keep dying due to countdown of mission area but I’ve tried everything and I can’t get out of this death loop.

  23. Sorry let me rephrase I got off the game while I was tracking a mission I had started then when I got back into the game the next morning I was then stuck in the death loop

  24. I’m not impressed, Wasted 109 dollars on a game that I can’t even have fun playing. The game had no flair, it was more choppy and bugged than Cyberpunk (Another really anticipated game that turned out to be trash, probably had that Easter egg in there for a good reason huh?) I completed the “Beginning” Epilogue, then it blue screened and won’t allow me to continue the mission. Either fix the game or give me back my money. Cheers.

  25. Try to start game on nite off work. First the initial download then an 18g update then another 2g wtf, take hours jus to start a game that apparently is shit on console. Is this not why there are beta testers or are u not doing that for console players? People wait for games u hype up then really jus giv us an inferior version. Are the people in charge even gamers? Seams sus im thinking no.

  26. The backpack is glitching out. It won’t let me pick up literally anything. Weapons, crafting materials, mission items, etc it always just says “inventory full” when I have almost nothing… it just never lets me pick stuff up anymore

  27. Didn’t like what I had to say about your precious little game so you contact xbox live and have half my gamer points taken off me an sanction me I was a loyal xbox gamer an old head not anymore your game is an insult all the problems above an then some now your precious game keeps freezing up every time I try to play it got any excuses or your just going to report me to xbox again just for being ripped off by you I’ve taken a lot of shit over the years racist and disgraceful texts an abuse for being better than them but at least they did it to my face not stabbed in back I’m not going to texted again because it’s a waste of time and effort game makers will always make profits off us either way if games work or not and we the gamer will always lose out an be out of pocket because that’s what it’s All about money I will be discontinuing with xbox live an xbox live services and no longer have anything to do with xbox itself.

  28. I’m in the water tower missing it says press start to assign the water tower on the map and I can’t press any other button that the start button. And one the map is opened it says press LT to assign the water tower . But I can’t press LT the only thing I’m allowed to press is RT and then the map zooms in and I can’t zoom back out with LT. My controller LT button works perfectly and it’s acting as though it doesn’t work. I’ve been stuck on this mission for 3 days I can’t progress and I’ve tried re installing the game twice and it still doesn’t let me progress. On my saved check point I automatically spawn in and it say press start to open the map and I can’t do anything but press a start to open the map and then I’m stuck again it just keeps doing it

  29. When you want to do a night mission and it’s during the day. It says Hold T to jump to night time. I pressed ESC because I wanted to pause the game. Now I cannot access the journal, skills, map or inventory. 25 hours of play down the toilet.

  30. Sadly this game was not ready to play. The glitches are terrible, toooo many to list! I crash constantly! Multiplayer is almost unplayable…..never mind the terrible quality of in game chat! You guys need to fix this as the last patch did not solve any of my issues… ground disappearing , constant kick out of game, unable to hear story characters talking… and sooo many more. I saved up to buy a game that just doesn’t play well… fix the game already and redeem your standings with fans and customers!

  31. Hi. Having a number of issues with character voices not lining up with dialogue, enemies passing through solid objects and quite a number of NPC glitches, particularly in the early fish eye missions. Please patch soon!

  32. Hi Team
    I have fast travelled from downtown to metro near bazaar, but the bazaar is in a collapsed state. The bazaar is unavailable after fast travel. Not able to find the craft master, trader and even my rest place inside bazaar and there is no one inside the Bazaar as well. Can anyone help me how to overcome this issue?

  33. Super frustrated everything is glitchy and all the story line cutscenes have no audio glitched out nonsense i don’t know how you could call this a finished product
    Very disappointed I don’t think I will be playing anymore until I know I can actually play and interact how you should

  34. I can’t make time go again and I’m stuck at 18:00 after doing 2 dev missions. And I’ve looked it up seems like I’m the only one who is having this problem

  35. This has been a issue for issue I’ve seen for over a week with these bugs they have fixed the issue with pc it’s time they get it fixed on console they had all this time to work on the game and all these bugs just take away from the beauty of the game totally disappointed with what tech land has done my friend got the death loop glitch and I am unable to rest at any safe house

  36. I love this game been playing it on ps4 but sometimes when its on a cutscene the audio cuts out.. its actually annoying that i have restart the game everytime it cuts out..

  37. So many side missions where there is no sound from the person talking or the zombies trying to attack me. So much im missing out on because there are no subtitles as well so idk what they could be saying when it comes to the missions or main story line. Has happen 4 times already. Also i big lag when i go to maps it takes forever to switch over to it through the menu

  38. I bought dying light 2 yesterday and I’ve had nothing but problems I can’t carry on with objectives I have to keep leaving the game and coming back in every 10 minutes it’s so annoying now, I also can never hear any of the characters speaking for some reason the game just skips it and I can’t even see the subtitles either, please sort it out

  39. dopo essere arrivato ad un magnifico punto dopo aver finito la storia, il gioco, non contento dei continui crash, decide di darmene un ultimo, quando poi provando a riaccedere compare una scritta, la quale: “i dati del gioco sono stati danneggiati” sono altrettanto infastidito ed arrabbiato, non credo di avere più voglia di giocarci

  40. So, my game has been running incredibly smooth (PS5) and it’s been a wonderful experience… until I made it the part where you have to talk to Frank in the canteen. It is completely not progressing, all it says is Please Wait. It’s to the point where I damn near completed every single side mission. By the time it gets fixed, Aiden will be the equivalent of the Terminator or Superman. This has never, ever happened to me on any game in my entire life, and I’ve been playing video games since 1986!!! This is bad.

  41. Właśnie usuwam grę z mojej konsoli, grałem około 80 godzin,wszystko miałem na maxa porobione. Dopiero zaczelem się dobrze bawić. poczym nagle wyskoczył mi blue screen na konsoli ps4, poczym usunęło save całe. Dramat nie polecam. To nie pierwszy przypadek już kilka osób miało to samo. W inny sposób np po dołączeniu do znajomego

  42. You’re latest patch just sucked all of the fun and enjoyment out of this game. Why? Did your developers think to themselves, “Players are having too much fun exploiting the game mechanics and really enjoying themselves, let’s find a way to ruin it for them”. Seriously, what’s the point in playing anymore? No new game plus, grappling hook upgrade is worthless, and there is no point in continuing the game once it is completing. Why would anyone want to start a new play through to grind all over again, with the current nerfs you put in place. I was excited for this game, enjoyed this game with my friends, but now, I am so frustrated with the new patches, I could care less for any DLC or further updates until you undo what you “fixed”. The charm that helps you fix weapons when very difficult to unlock and it was supposed to be a reward, but you ripped that from us too. I’m just in utter disbelief right now.

  43. I was finishing the right finger of glova and korak charm Easter egg and my game crashed, now when I load in there are zombies inside the tower and I can’t open the door or disable the security lock.

    If someone knows how to get around that please let me know because I’m pissed off.

  44. I used a crossbow to take out the renegades under a windmill from afar and the objective still says “clear the windmill” but they’re already dead. Therefore I can’t unlock the windmill.

  45. hey waltz is in the city downtown and if you try to kill him you can’t so I’m reporting so you can fix this, also another thing there is no day and night cycle with the bug it only stays in the sunset

  46. Why have y’all changed the korek charm to now use mutation samples instead of the infected rare trophie in the 1.5.0 update? I find it really hard to get these samples and now can’t use the weapons I like with having to immediately repairing from trying to collect more mutation samples. These samples are even more rare to come by now that I’ve done most of the game and have reached level 9. I believe it should be changed back I’m ready of making it such a harder challenge especially with the infected of the night now being so much more aggressive and harder to kill.

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