How to Fix No Sound or Audio Issues in Dying Light 2

In this guide, we look at some of the fixes that might help you fix the no audio or sound issues with Dying Light 2. Several players who have had the game earlier than others reported some audio issues and glitches like no sound effects or bugs with the game. The developers have already released a Day One patch so everyone who ordered the game and preloaded the content should have the fixes. However, if you still have these audio issues, we have a couple of tips you might want to try.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now finally coming out after getting delayed for about two years. The game is set to go live in a few minutes, so we thought to quickly do a guide to help you with the audio and no sound issues with the game. The game has received mixed reviews so far, and the developers at Techland have requested everyone to not play Dying Light 2 without the day one patch.

What is the No Sound or Audio Bug?

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

You may or may not have experienced this audio glitch with your copy of Dying Light 2. In this bug, your game suddenly goes completely mute and no sound comes from the PC to your headphones. This has been experienced by a number of players, and they have voiced their concerns on the official community forums.

Just like the reviews, Dying Light 2 is currently riddled with technical issues and bugs. We suggest giving the game a good day or two for all the quirks to be resolved by the developers.

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How to Fix No Sound and Audio Issues in Dying Light 2

Let’s take a look at some of the quick fixes you can try right away on your PC without having to contact the customer support. You can also try the following fixes if you feel missing audio in the dialogues, cut-scenes, or the main gameplay.

Solution 1 – Select Language in Steam

How to Refund Games on Steam

Note: This first tip mentioned below will only work if you have bought the game on Steam, and may not be compatible with the copy from Epic Games Store.

  • Open Steam, and go to your games Library
  • Look for the Dying Light 2 game
  • Right-click on it, and then select Properties
  • Now go to Language option, and from here select your desired available language
  • Force-select the language once again even if it is already selected

Once this is done, close the Steam client and restart it. This should fix your audio issues in Dying Light 2 in most cases.

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Solution 2 – Update Default Format for Speakers

Another fix you can try is to update the Default Format for your playback device i.e. speakers, headphones, etc. to a different sample rate and bit depth. You can do that by following these simple steps:

  • From the lower-right of your Windows system tray, right-click the Speaker icon
  • Click on Sounds and then go to the Playback tab
  • Now select the device you want to output the audio on
  • Right-click on the device, and select Properties
  • Go to the Advanced tab
  • Change the default format to 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)

You also need to make sure to have Spatial Sound or Windows Sonic off. They are not stable at the moment and have been known to cause audio problems and glitches with a number of games.

You might find some websites telling you to redownload your audio drivers and while it may seem like they are making a point, there is really no point in re-downloading them. You might even end up breaking your audio system. If the sound is working fine for other windows applications. Then your Audio Drivers are not the ones to blame. Therefore do not try to tinker with it.

Have the above-mentioned tips helped you with the audio and no sound issues in Dying Light 2? We would love to know if there is any other tip that might have worked for you. In the coming few days, there are going to be tons of more content covered about this game, so do stay tuned to our Dying Light 2 section.

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  1. Hi please can u help me I have an issue with dying light 2 audio it is mute but there is a really annoying buzzing in the game that’s all u can hear no voices or nothing I have an Xbox series s I have looked everywhere for solutions bit can’t find any

  2. I found when the sound disappeared, I just quit out then closed the game on my Xbox series x then started the game back up and it fixed the sound issue.

  3. During the mission where I was running from waltz my sound just completely went out and the words on the captions are going fast. I reset my my Xbox series S and also quit the game and trued it again and nothing is seeming to work! Help please

  4. the no sound on conversations happens alot and really ruining my experience. I love dying light and this is making me mad! these companies really need a wake up call.

  5. Xbox series X dying light 2 death loop re spawn saying you are leaving the mission and have 6 seconds left and re spawn over and over and die need a fix for this carnt play my game at all unless I start all over again 23 hours I’ve played what to do ??? And sound buzzz while playing what to do wait for patches to come out I suppose

  6. Oh and the multiplayer co op is not compatible with the older Xbox’s you can only play Xbox series X with series X not series X with Xbox s or one in dying light 2 they need to fix that as well

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