How to Contact Customer Support for WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is in the crosshairs after the disastrous launch of WWE 2K20. This game will be under great scrutiny and everyone will find any excuse to call it buggy and state whether history repeated itself. Buggy or not is yet to be seen, though we will do our job in compiling every which way you can contact customer support of WWE 2K22 (wrestlers tier list). For all your game issues, you might want to check our list of WWE 2K22 known issues and bugs for potential workarounds and comments from other players.

This game is the only franchise that caters to the die-hard fans of wrestling and will be very disappointed if this entry will be plagued by game-breaking glitches. A lot of players have reported crash at launch and other issues with the game, we have some potential fixes you might want to try. If nothing works, we have all the ways below you can contact the developers.

Contact WWE 2K22 Support (Visual Concepts / 2K Games)

2K Games is a huge entity and has already established ways of contacting them. For both WWE 2K22 and 2K Games, we have the list right here for you. Do not expect a reply for your email or message. The team definitely goes through them, but do not get the time to get back to each of the messages. You can leave comments here or in the official forums for advice from other players.

2K Games Support

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Visit the publisher’s support site i.e. 2K Games and get help on all their games specifically WWE 2K22 in this case. Here you can view all the frequently asked questions for those generic issues but if you are stuck with something intense then click the Submit A Request button to elaborate on your issues. Here you have to fill in your necessary personal and platform details, along with the actual problem in depth.

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Social Media Support

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The next direct form of communication you can indulge in is through the various social media pages for WWE2K22. There is a developer-specific Twitter account for this wrestling game, you can DM here for a better chance of a reply, this is your safest bet at communication. There are more general pages for WWE 2K22 and here they are linked for Facebook and Twitter.

Steam Community

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The developers will surely be keeping an eye on the Steam forums. Not only will the developers benefit from the posts in this section but also the community will have answers for your specific issues, in most cases. The more you voice your concern here the better the reaction of the developers will be.

That’s everything you needed to know on how to contact support for WWE 2K22. What issues are you facing in WWE 2K22? Are they game-breaking? Comment below and let us know. For more tips and tricks for this game, you can explore all the guides in our WWE 2K22 section.

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  1. I’ve never called support for a 2k game, but hopefully they have a better attitude then when Thq/Yukes made WWE on PS3. I called support once on PS3 about how i’d always get a notification about the servers being down for maintenance all the time. The only reply i got was
    “And, what do you want me to do about it”
    Oh nothing, go back to your coffee break.

  2. Yes, Wwe2k22 needs a patch for stability. I’ve experience a few crashes during universe and the showcase. Hopefully the dev’s release a patch that fixes the crashing.

  3. Today I was sending my CAW to my friend and usallly after it’s sent it lets u know that it their so it can get uploaded but it didnt tell me nothing so i sent it 2 more time then my friend was like yo I got BUT THE REAL PROBLEM IS THAT NOW MY CAW IS FLOATING OUT THIE IN COMMUNITY CREATION!!!!! SO PLEASE IM ASKING U IF U CAN TAKE MY CAW TONDRA LEE DOWN OFF OF COMMUNITY CREATION

  4. I just had a cage match and both players were climbing the cage and one started bagging the others head into the cage non stop the guy did not fall or reverse and it kept going and going and still not falling to the mat I got frustrated and did a rematch I think it was a glitch

  5. All my save files are “corrupted” assumingly cause I downloaded about 100mb worth of community creations content.

    Please fix the game! And all of them to come, as someone who bought 2k20 and dealt with that disaster, this is really disappointing.
    Honestly it’s a bug fest like the last one! Really poor

  6. The game is brilliant, I love it, bit the only things annoying me, are, The Titiantron movies I spend time making, never stay with my CAWS entrances! And I can’t see my caws that I upload to community creations!

  7. Why when i edit john cena attire it doesn’t give me his real entrance it give me his old entrance can you guys fix it?

  8. This game is no better than the last one they made I can’t even create dam outfits for the superstars now all it does is just keep loading and loading and my favorite part is create new outside for the wresters this really sucks u guys gave all of us them big speach how this game was going to be great with no glitch or freezing and it’s all pullshit we should all get are money back from this game and 2k20 plus get next game free

  9. I have been a big fan since war zone it’s been a hit and miss for a long time number one I would like to see a storyline that goes
    2 WrestleMania number two put more titles up for grabs then only one major one number three more places to wrestle not just back in the loading docks and stuff number four do a co-op of some kind with a friend you can play with on a storyline number five better DLC packs 2 things I would like to see bring back number one create a finisher number two custom custom music more things for your creative superstars to add to DLC packs I would like to see going to the ring pack roller skates skateboard zipline ATV car motorcycle truck I would pay $10 for that number two DLC pack a clothes pack for all the upcoming holidays or if a superstar changed their outfit number three a weapons pack metal pipe fire extinguisher chain a lunch pail and a wet sign number 4 DLC pack props for your crate of arena number five DLC pack arena pack and five packs of divas and Superstars like diva pack Lita Trish Stratus China Beth Phoenix in Jacqueline Superstar pack John Cena edge Rey Mysterio The Hardy boys and The Dudley boys Legends pack hulk Hogan Rock Stone Cold undertaker mankind

    • WWE give a contest who has the best idea for the upcoming games get the fans involved you’ll get good recognition and who knows a better game that we all can enjoy

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