Day 4 Results | PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020

PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas Fall Split 2020

After a fighting day 3, we are here with the day 4 results now. So, today was the 4th day of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas Fall Split and we are here to tell all the details. We have been analyzing all the games closely to give you all the results everyday.

24 team, divided into 3 groups of 8, looking for that top 16 spot to play the finals for 40,000 USD money prize. Each and every game is a close game between some of the top teams of Americas, grinding to become the winners of PMPL Fall Split 2020.

Teams Invited

  • Top 12 teams from PMPL America Spring Split
  • Top 4 from PMCO North America
  • Top 4 from PMCO Brazil
  • Top 4 from PMCO Latin America

Group Draw

PMPL America Fall Split Group Draw 1

Points Distribution

Following table shows the placement points distribution of the tournament. For kills, you get 1 point per each kill.

8th – 12th1
13th – 16th0

Day 4 Results and Overall Standings:

Another good day for G25 Gaming as they top the chart again. With 67 points, they enjoy their 1st place as Brazilian Rampage finished the day on 2nd position with 48 points. Third position was grabbed by INTZ Mobile with 38 points.

Matches Played

The matches played along with their maps and results are mentioned below:

*(Placement points + kill points)

Game 1

  • Group A vs Group B (Map: Erangel)
  • 1st Place: G25 Gaming (15+11)
  • 2nd Place:  19 eSports (12+5)
  • 3rd Place: Tribe Gaming (10+11)

Game 2

  • Group B vs Group C (Map: Vikendi)
  • 1st Place: A7 eSports (15+16)
  • 2nd Place: INTZ Mobile (12+4)
  • 3rd Place: Pittsburgh Knights (10+7)

Game 3

  • Group A vs Group C (Map: Sanhok)
  • 1st Place: NOVA Esports NA (15+8)
  • 2nd Place: Loops (12+16)
  • 3rd Place: B4 eSports (10+0)

Game 4

  • Group A vs Group B (Map: Miramar)
  • 1st Place: G25 Gaming (15+12)
  • 2nd Place: XSET (12+11)
  • 3rd Place: Tempo Storm (10+3)

Game 5

  • Group B vs Group C (Map: Erangel)
  • 1st Place: Brazilian Rampage (15+20)
  • 2nd Place: INTZ Mobile (12+5)
  • 3rd Place: B4 eSports (10+3)

Overall Standings

Here are the overall standings of the teams after playing for 4 days:

Day 4 results - PMPL Americas

All the previous and upcoming livestreams of the Fall Split 2020 tournament can be watched on PUBG MOBILE Esports Youtube channel.

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