What’s the Difference Between Save the World and Battle Royale in Fortnite

Fortnite is known for its Battle Royale game mode. After PUBG, it is perhaps the most played free BR game out there. However, the game does not just have one game mode. It also has a Save the World game mode which is quite different. Rather than shooting down players, Save the World is a purely PvE based game.

Both game modes have their own avid fans. However, it is quite clear that the developers have been putting a lot more time and effort into the Battle Royale genre due to its immense popularity and appeal. But, Save the World is still getting frequent updates and is unique in its own right.

Fortnite Game Modes – Explained

Fortnite currently has two game modes, as mentioned earlier. The Battle Royale game mode is completely free and requires a 30 GB download on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Mobile and Xbox. However, Fortnite Save The World is not free and varies in price. The game usually comes with a cosmetic bundle that you can also use in Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale

fortnite battle royale

Fortnite’s premiere game mode. You are put in a Battle Bus clumped up with 100 other players where you can then drop to various locations in an ever-changing map. As soon as you land, you need to collect building resources while also collecting various weapons. Your main objective is to use your resources to your advantage to be the last player standing.

A culmination of a lot of seasonal content, fun dances, emotes and cosmetic items have cemented Fortnite Battle Royale as the more popular game mode. Moreover, collaborations with big name studios like Marvel and DC has kept the game fresh with players rolling in with every update.

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Fortnite Save The World

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Save the World is an Epic PvE Action-Building Co-Op Campaign. You and your friends have to try and hold back hordes of monsters while exploring a vastly expansive destructive world where each game feels different. Using the same building mechanics, you need to build huge forts in order to survive the onslaught of monsters coming up your way while leveling up your items and abilities.

Missions in the game are divided into four distinct locations with each being available after progressing far enough in the story. During these missions, players can make fortifications from any of the three base materials. They can also be repaired by using the same material. Traps can also be sent to fend off monsters. Most of the missions are based off of procedural generated levels which adds a lot of replay value to the game mode.

In essence, while the core mechanics of Fortnite remain the same in both game modes, Save The World is meant for those who want to wind down after some PvP action while the Battle Royale mode still remains the most popular and staple game mode of Fortnite. Let us know what game mode you like more in the comments down below!

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