Best Doc Support Card Build in Back 4 Blood

Doc is one of the Cleaners in Back 4 Blood, famously praised for her immense healing capabilities. As the name gives much of it away, Doc’s traits are centered around healing and supporting the squad, however, these can be distinctly buffed up when paired up with the right Deck build.

Doc’s Team Skill allows her to reduce 25 % of incoming Trauma Damage for her whole squad, making her an asset while playing Back 4 Blood in Veteran or Nightmare difficulty levels. Other abilities allow Doc to heal each ally once per level for 25 HP along with a 30% boost in Healing Efficiency.

What is the Best Card Deck for Doc

An important thing to keep in mind while building Card Decks is to play to your character’s strengths. This simply means to buff the traits your character is famous for in order to achieve better results. Similarly, this Deck is also built with the idea of boosting Team Survivability, Healing Efficiency, and Rapid Revival.

Best Doc Support Deck Build

Here is a list of the best combination of cards to build the ultimate Support Deck for Doc to use:

Support ScavengerSpawns more Support Accessories and also allows you to sense if they are nearby
Shoulder Bag Provides +2 Support Inventory while reducing Damage by 10%
Medical ProfessionalFirst Aids and Deliberators recovering 15% Trauma Damage along and this also grants 1 extra life
Experienced EMTAfter using a Medical Accessory, the target gains 20% Maximum Health by the end of the level
Field SurgeonGrants 60% Healing Efficiency at the cost of 50% Speed
Combat MedicTeammates get healed for an additional 20 Health upon revival
Inspiring SacrificeWhen anyone from your squad becomes incapacitated, the whole team heals for 25 Health over 20 seconds
Chemical CouragePain medicines applied by you grant 25% Damage for the next 60 seconds
Pep TalkGrants 150% Revive Speed while taking away 5% Damage Resistance
Medical ExpertGrants 15% Healing Efficiency while also granting 15% Move Speed for 15 seconds whenever you use a Medical Accessory
Charitable SoulHealing any teammate provides you with 50% of the same effect
Group TherapyYour whole squad is healed for 5 Health whenever you use a Medical Accessory
StimulantsApplying Pain Medicines provides a buff for 10 seconds, giving you +10% Move Speed, +10% Reload Speed and +10% Weapon Swap Speed
Needs of the ManyGrants an extra Team Life at the cost of 20% of your Health.
Rousing SpeechReduced Incap Trauma by 20% and provides a +225% Revive Speed but disables all Offensive Accessories
Back 4 Blood Doc Card Deck

With this support Deck equipped, you’re all set to be the professional Medic for your Squad. Are there any changes you would prefer in this build for Doc? Tell us in the comments below!

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