How to Download NHL 22 for Free with EA Play Early Access | PC, PlayStation, Xbox

NHL 22 free trial has just been announced globally for all EA Play subscribers which nets you 10 hours of game time on the latest iteration of the NHL franchise. With features such as Roster Sharing coming to release on October 15, you can get a taste of the game before it is out to get ready for the eventual release.

You do not need to have pre-ordered the game to download NHL 22 trial. It will be a free download (and access) for all EA Play subscribers and will only let you play the game for 10 hours. You will need to wait for the global release whether you have pre-ordered the game or not to be able to play the game after that.

How to Download NHL 22 and Play for Free (Early Access Trial)

NHL 22 download for free

Downloading the NHL 22 Early Access trial on PC, PS4 or Xbox is extremely easy and only requires an EA Play subscription. If you haven’t subscribed to the service already, you might be in for a sweet first-time discount that’ll let you play the game at an extremely low price.

If you have an EA Play subscription and decide to purchase NHL 22, you will get a 10% discount as well. Sweet deal, right?


  • To get the game up and running, you will first need an EA Play subscription.
  • Next, search the game up on your platform of choice (Steam / Origin)
  • You will now be able to play the game for 10 hours after which the game will close down automatically.

Note: Make sure you completely quit the game and the client as it may count towards your hours.

PS4 / PS5

  • You will need an EA Play subcription taken from PSN.
  • Now, you will just need to find the game on the PlayStation Store and download it.
  • You will now be able to play the game for 10 hours.

Note: Previous Early Access titles like FIFA 22 and Madden 22 suffered a bug wherein even closing down the game would lead to your hours counting down. Therefore, we recommend shutting your console off once you are done playing.


  • You will need to get an EA Play subcription from Microsoft.
  • Once that’s done, head on to the store and look up NHL 22
  • You will be able to download and play the game for 10 hours.

NHL 22 File Size (Early Access)

  • PS4: 36.937 GB
  • PS5: 39.987 GB
  • PC: TBA
  • Xbox: TBA

NHL 22 Release Date

Here are the official release dates for NHL 22. Getting the X-Factor Edition allows you to play the game 3 days earlier than its designated release date.

 Game NameWith EA PLAYWithout EA PLAY
X-Factor Edition (XboxPlaystation)October 7th, 2021    October 12th, 2021   
Standard Edition (Xbox Series X|SPS5)October 7th, 2021 October 12th, 2021  
Standard Edition (Xbox OnePS4)October 7th, 2021 October 15th, 2021  

That’s everything you needed to know to download and play NHL 22 for free on all platforms. Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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