Download No Man’s Sky (Emergence) PC Trainer: Cheats, Commands

No Man’s Sky Emergence has tons of unique places to explore, bases to build, and planets to conquer. With that said, it can get quite hard to complete all that is present in the game by just grinding. Therefore, we’ve provided you with a trainer that gives you unlimited health, life support, units, and other goodies to help make the process easier.

As always, the trainer works the same as the ones we have previously covered for single-player / co-op games like God of War and Monster Hunter Rise. As always, use the trainer at your own discretion as there’s a slight chance that it might end up corrupting your save file.

No Man’s Sky (Emergence) Cheats: Trainer

First things first, you’ll need to download the trainer for No Man’s Emergence. Since there are a ton of different options, we’ve listed them down below for your convenience.

Num 0 Unlimited Health
Num 1Unlimited Life Support
Num 2Ignore Environment Effects
Num 3  Unlimited Sprint
Num 4  Unlimited Jetpack
Num 5Unlimited Ammo
Num 6Freeze Secondary Ammo
Num 7No Reload
Num 8No Overheating
Num 9Unlimited Scanner
CTRL + Num 0Unlimited Ship Fuel
CTRL + Num 1 Decode All Words
CTRL + Num 2 Bypass All Locks
CTRL + Num 3 Set Items to Maximum
CTRL + Num 4No Crafting Requirements
CTRL + Num 5 +10.000.000 Units
CTRL + Num 6+500 Nanites
CTRL + Num 7+100 Quicksilver
CTRL + Num 8+10 Recovered Data
Num – (Subtract)Unlock Technology Recipes
Num + (Add)Unlock Product Recipes

Note: If you are prompted to turn your anti-virus off when accessing this cheat, don’t worry! The file is completely safe.

After you’ve got the trainer up and running, launch the game. You can then use the trainer by inputting any of the keys mentioned above.

If a cheat is successfully activated, you’ll hear a slight ringing sound. Some of the cheats will last for just the duration of the playthrough while many will last the next time you boot the game up too!

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