You can now use your favourite PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers on Linux as well. A new kernel-level hidden driver for DualSense support on Linux has been spotted. They are currently in the beta/testing phase but can be downloaded by users.

The DualSense 5 is the proprietary controller used for the PlayStation 5. Unlike the Xbox this year, Sony has made tremendous strides in improving every function and feature present in the controller. This has led to quickly becoming the favourite of many users. Consequently, a lot of Linux Users want DualSense 5 on their operating system as well.

PS5 DualSense Linux Support

dualsense 5 linux support drivers

The DualSense 5 on Linux has been released the same way Sony did for the DualShock 4. We are currently not sure of the implications of using the newly supported Beta drivers for the controllers.

You can download the drivers from here.

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However, most users have confirmed that you should not be expecting the DualSense 5’s complete functionality and feature such as their haptic feedback to be coming to the OS anytime soon. However, the complete patch notes talk about the complete implementation of the Motion Sensor, Analog Sticks and Touchpads.

Note: The support for the entire PS5 DualSense controllers will be under HID-Compliant Sony Devices which will be updated automatically.

This concludes everything you needed to know about DualSense 5 support coming to the PS5, stay tuned for more news!

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