All Metro Station Locations in Dying Light 2 (Tube Map Trophy Guide)

Its been a few days since Dying Light 2 came out and players cannot get enough of the game. There is a lot of content in the game for you to discover. One such thing is the Metro Stations. They are spread across the map and activating them will allow you to fast travel to them. That is why this guide will show you all Metro Station locations in Dying Light 2.

These stations not only let you fast travel to them, they also unlock a trophy when you activate all of them. If you are a completionist, you will have to find all these stations. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at all Metro Station location in Dying Light 2.

All Metro Station Locations in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Metro Stations

There are a total of 10 Metro Stations that you can activate across the map. We will be taking a look at all of the stations and showing you exactly where they are located. This guide is divided into two sections to make it easier for you to locate the stations.

Old Villedor Metro Stations

There are three Metro Stations in the Old Villedor area. Out of the four areas, Horseshoe does not have a Metro Station.

HoundfieldHayward Square – 330 meters west/northwest of the Bazaar
TrinityThe Holy Trinity – 15 meters northeast of the Bazaar
HorseshoeNo Station in this area
Quarry EndMain Terminal Station – 270 meters south of the Bazaar

Central Loop Metro Stations

The Central Loop is home to seven Metro Stations. Like the previous area, this one also doesn’t have a station in the Newfound Lost Lands location.

DowntownDowntown Court – 485 meters northwest of the Fish Eye
The WharfWaterside – 315 meters north/northwest of the Fish Eye
New Dawn ParkNewalls Crossing – 80 meters south of the Fish Eye
GarrisonVNC Tower – 550 meters southwest of the Fish Eye
Newfound Lost LandsNo Station in this area
Lower Dam AyreSouth Loop – 480 meters southeast of the Fish Eye
Saint Paul IslandCathedral – Go East of the Cathedral
Muddy GroundsKing William Bridge – 375 meters east of the Fish Eye

Those are all the Metro Stations you can find and activate in Dying Light 2. We would love to know if you’ve activated all of them yet or not. Let us know your thoughts about the game so far in the comments below.

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