Mario Party Superstars: How To Earn Coins Fast

Coins have been at the heart of the Super Mario franchise and the latest iteration, Mario Party Superstars, grants players various fun little rewards in exchange for the classic in-game currency. While most of the game’s content is unlocked and playable from the get-go, anything else to be acquired requires Coins.

Coins can be used to buy various items from Toad’s Shop including stickers, card designs, encyclopedias, and even music. However, if you look at some of the price tags on the goodies, you’ll end up having second thoughts on your purchases. Therefore, knowing how to earn coins in the game will definitely help you out.

Fast Ways to Earn Coins in Mario Party Superstars

There are quite a few ways for earning some hard Coins in Mario Party Superstars. However, we will be focusing on the fastest and most efficient ways to acquire the currency so you can go on that in-game shopping spree and get empty up Toad’s Shop.

Talking about efficiency, we would recommend heading over to the Options House and setting the Text Speed and CPU Movement Speed settings to “fast”. This will speed up the game and make your grind easier.

Just Play The Game!

The first method to acquire coins is by playing Mario Party, the main mode of the game. Placing solo or against CPU opponents is entirely up to you, however, we would recommend setting the Difficulty to Easy in order to increase your Coin-farming speed.

Go over and pick a map and set the turns to 10. Your goal should be to try and maximize the amount of coins you can earn throughout your run. In simpler words, annihilate your opponents and get as many stars as you can. An average session can reward you with about 600-1000 Coins in your wallet.

Mario Super Party Coins

Play Minigames

A second way to acquire Coins is by playing the various minigames in Mt. Minigames. Games like Tag Match mode can reward you with an easy 150 Coin haul by setting it to a first-to-three win rule. This may take some grind but can surely add up and help you in getting your favorite sticker in the game.

Tag match mode Mario Party Superstars
Tag Match mode featured 2v2 minigames

You can also check out Coin Minigames where collecting Coins is the main objective. Here are all the Coin Battle games available in Mario Party Superstars yet:

  • Hammer Drop
  • Cast Aways
  • Paradol Plummet
  • X-Ray Payday
  • Quicksand Cache
  • River Raiders
  • Money Belts
  • Puddle Paddle
  • Cashapult
  • Winner or Dinner

Remember to dial back your Text and CPU Movement Speed once you’ve finished farming your required coins. Are you facing any issues in Mario Party Superstars since launch? Tell us in the comments below!

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