F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.8 Patch Notes

F1 Manager 2022

The developers at Frontier Developments just deployed F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.8, and here is the full patch notes for you. This update brings several gameplay changes, along with stability fixes. It also includes fixes for cinematics, pit stops, circuits, drivers and staff. This update looks to address a number of hot topics and issues brought up via community feedback, as well as general bug fixes.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the F1 Manager 2022 patch notes for Update 1.8 is covered in the next section. You should be able to download and install the patch right away as it has just gone live.

F1 Manager 2022 Patch Notes: Update 1.8

Here are the official patch notes for F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.8 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

  • Adjusted tyre performance deltas, degradation rates, and performance during degradation for all compounds, across all weather types
  • Updated fuel delta display to improve readability and stability. Fuel delta is now measured in kilograms (KG) and is relative to the expected fuel load at the current point in the race
  • Updated behaviour of backmarkers and slower-moving cars, so they move aside more effectively when required
  • Further adjustments to car part development focus and attribute trade-offs to help balance player progress vs. other teams
  • Improvements to car behaviour when racing side-by-side, reducing instances of unnecessary slowing and ‘concertina effect’
  • Improvements to AI strategic behaviour during wet weather conditions
  • Fixed an issue where the Safety Car would pull aside to let cars pass by if the race leader entered the pits
  • Fixed an issue where saving on a specific screen would cause all 20 cars to appear during Q2
  • Added super-wide monitor support, including fix for gameplay UI appearing in the centre of the display
  • Minor adjustments to starting car performance, starting Facility levels, and board performance expectations for a small number of teams to align with their real-world performance (will only take effect in new saves created after this update is installed)
General Stability
  • Fixed multiple crashes caused by various events, including invalid qualification grids and tyre types
  • Fixed instance of hard-lock when changing stint compound type to a compound the player has run out of in Strategy View
  • Fixed multiple reported soft-locks and progress blockers in the tutorial sequence
Drivers & Staff
  • Multiple corrections made to staff information, including age and accompanying photos
  • Fixed an issue where drivers would remain in a bookmarked slot after retiring
  • Achievements & Trophies
  • Fixes for multiple instances of Achievements/Trophies not triggering correctly, including ‘Constructors’ Champion’ and ‘First of Many’. Achievements/Trophies that players have earned, but not triggered, should unlock after the player finishes their next race, after installing Update 1.8
  • Cars
  • Fixed a small hole in the car model for several cars
  • Fixed an issue where tyres would sometimes appear duplicated in cutscenes
  • Stopped instances of rain passing through the ceilings of pit buildings
  • Fixed a soft-lock when opening the Options menu during some cutscenes
  • Reduced instances of major garage reactions to minor race incidents, such as a car running wide
  • Updated Miami International Autodrome track map in the ‘Circuits’ menu to add tags for corners 17,18, and 19
  • Controller: Fixed bindings for right shoulder buttons not working in ‘Overview’ and ‘Usage’ tabs
Pit Stops
  • Resolved an issue where unattached tyres would appear in pit lane
  • Fixed trackside camera focus for second car when ‘double stacking’ cars for pit stops
  • Added on-screen keyboard support for Steam Deck and Steam Big Picture Mode
  • Resolved issue causing the game to launch Steam VR when a VR headset is connected

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