How to Find All Guardian Items in Guardians of the Galaxy

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has recently been released and we already have a complete walkthrough for finding all of the Guardian Items in various chapters. As these collectibles aren’t highlighted on your HUD, it’s quite possible to skip past them.

Many of the items are hidden behind crevices in your ship, making them extremely difficult to spot. However, finding these collectibles allows you to strengthen your bond with your team as it unlocks various new conversations between you and your shipmates.

How to find All Guardian Collectibles

Finding the Guardian Items unlocks various trophies like the Thoughtful Captain which you can achieve after hunting down half of the Collectibles. If you manage to find all of the Guardian Collectibles relating to a single Guardian, you will receive the Managerial Skills Trophy. Here are the locations of all the Guardian Items scattered across various Chapter:

All images are taken from PowerPyx on YouTube.

Chapter 1

Ravager Comm Bracelet

Once Rocket and Star-Lord start their score competition, you would crawl under a hole and fall through the floor right after that. Once you get up, crawl through a nearby vent and shoot the space gunk in the right corner. Beneath the gunk, you’ll find the Ravager Comm Bracelet.

Spinal Control Unit

After Star-Lord falls down and finds space-plants for the first time, enter the old mining equipment area and go through the path to your right. After this, turn right again and you’ll find old metal stacks to boost jump on. Jump across these stacks to find space gunk, covering the Spinal Control Unit.

Chapter 2

Broken Translation Device

When you enter Nikki’s Secret Hideout, look behind the yellow crates on the right wall. You’ll find the Broken Translation Device under the purple monitors.

gotg broken translation device3 1
Broken Translation Device

Nikki’s Personal Device

Side with Nikki during the elevator ride conversation and she’ll hand you over her Personal Device at the end. Remember that this item will help you in getting further collectibles in Chapter 7. Here is the conversation you should choose:

  • Re-Activate Elevator
  • Try to help Nikki
  • Take the blame

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gotg nikki's personal device

Chapter 3

Chitauri Sea-Cuffs

In the open area after fending off the monster in the Call-To-Action attack, stop at the regenerative matter and look left where there’s a scratched wall Gamora can cling to. Once you climb up, shoot down the large box and make Drax carry it towards the pit. Climb on the box, cross the pit and jump to a ledge below to reach the Chitauri Sea-Cuffs.

Chapter 4

Assassin’s Ring

This will only be available if you choose to Sell Groot. When you enter the circular room, walk in the first door to your left and look behind the crates to your right. You’ll find the Ring hidden behind black crates.

assasins ring gotg3
Assasin’s Ring

Chapter 5

Cold Case File

Once you enter the large Nova Corps control room, head down the steps at the entrance and look left. Here you’ll find the Cold Case File right next to a water cooler.

gotg cold file case

Chapter 6

Knowhere Lottery Ticket

Reach the upper levels of the explorable city section and search for an egg-shaped vendor with a holographic blue face. The vendor sells tickets, purchase a ticket costing 1000 units.

gotg nowhere lottery ticket

Nova Force Lock Disabler

Inside the city, go right down the path from the ticket dealer and you’ll find a rat-like vendor behind a kiosk. From the rat vendor, you can buy the Nova Force Lock Disabler for 1500 units.

nova force lock disabler gotg
Nova Force Lock Disabler

Collector’s Emporium Ticket

At the entrance of the emporium, you will find a strange-looking machine with an alien stuffed inside. The machine sells each ticket for 5000 units.

Collector's Emporium Ticket gotg
Collector’s Emporium Ticket

Collector’s Emporium Doll

Use your Collector’s Emporium Ticket at the doll vending machine on the far side of the city to get the green doll for 2000 units.

gotg collector's emporium doll
Buy the Collector’s Emporium Doll

Chapter 7

Drax’s Rap Sheet

When you enter the red-lit hallways, use the Nova Lock Disabler on the door and reach the Workbench Area. Shoot away the gunk on the right wall to squeeze in and walk across a path until you reach a blockade. Now, when you turn around and look up, you’ll see a crate. Shoot down the crate and climb to the upper level. to find a bunch of yellow crates to your right. Behind the crates, you’ll find Drax’s Rap Sheet.

Chewbacca Toy

When you return to Nikki’s Secret Hideout, unlock the vent and send Rocket inside it. When you enter the small room, Star-Lord will automatically pick up the toy.

Chewbacca toy gotg
Chewbacca Toy

Galactic War Commendation

Enter the office covered in random scribbles. Behind the left side of the desk, there will be a flag pole. Walk-behind the flag pole to find the Galactic War Commendation.

galactic war commendation gotg
Galactic War Commendation Gotg

Chapter 8

Deep Mine Device

When you leave the large control room where Rocket messes with the terminal, walk down the path through a door. When the rest of your team veers left, you need to jump on the large chrome ring device to your right and reach an upper level. At the top, you’ll locate the Deep Mine Device laying on the ground.

Chapter 10

Mourning Candle

After passing the waterfall, you’ll reach the red rock cavern where you’ll drop down a step with the crew and continue down the path. Look left for a narrow passageway in which Star-Lord can squeeze through. Now jump and crawl through the crystals to find the Candle at the top of the ledges.

Meditation Stone

When you’re in the underground room with the stream of light shining from the ceiling, use your ability to move the stone face to the right. Now shoot away the gunk blocking the path behind the stone face and walk through the poison gas emitters. You will reach a ledge above the whole room where you’ll be able to find the Meditation Stone.

Meditation Stone
Meditation Stone

Chapter 12

Glarnot Mask

Return to Knowhere and reach the Collector’s Emporium. Slide down the ramp and after reaching the bottom, turn left. Clear the poison emitters and hop onto the platform that was covered with the poisonous fog. Here you’ll find the Glarnot Mask.

Chapter 13

Xatar’s Blade

Once you enter the ice spire canyon, fend off the bugs and follow Gamora through the Groot bridge on your left. After crossing the bridge, climb up the scratched wall on your right with the help of Gamora. On the top of the cliff, you’ll find Xatar’s Blade.

Deeproot Plant

When you enter the forest, go towards the right and search for the snow-covered rocks. Near the rocks sitting on top of the ledge, you’ll find the Deeproot Plant.

Deeproot plant gotg
Deeproot Plant

These are all the collectibles you can find across various Chapters in Guardians of the Galaxy. If you’re craving to find more stuff, why not hunt for all the outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy?

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