How to Find Coagulated Blood in New World

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New World, the new open-world MMO by Amazon has provided fans with another action-packed title this year. However, as the game progresses there are few things that have the players stumped. One of such things is the way to find Coagulated Blood, a Special Resource required to make unique weapons and armor.

The game, New World, is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG in which your success depends upon the equipment you carry. To get your hands on such equipment, however, you would need to get ingredients that allow you to make them. Coagulated Blood is one such ingredient and is considered one of the hardest to find. But fear not as BRGeeks is here to let you know exactly where you can get it from!

Find Coagulated Blood in New World

The resource is very scarcely available in the game, in the sense that it is only found in a single location throughout the game. The only known way of finding Coagulated blood in New World is through the Amrine Excavation, one of the many dungeons in the game. However, you would need to prepare if you want to take on this excavation, as there are elite monsters present inside that require the combined efforts of a full party to take on.

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Getting Into Amrine Excavation

If you want to get your hands on a large amount of Coagulated Blood, you would need to finish the Amrine Excavation, which would mean going through the full dungeon, and clearing out all the mobs and the boss monster.

Before we proceed, note that in order to get Coagulated Blood, clearing the Amrine Excavation isn’t necessary however is advisable to do as it gives you a much higher chance of getting large amounts of the resource.

You might also need to repeat the dungeon multiple times if you are looking to create more than one weapon.

To get into the Amrine Excavation after the first clear, you would be required to make an Amrine Tuning Orb.

How to Make the Amrine Tuning Orb

To make that, you would need to following ingredients.

  • 10 Corrupted Slivers
  • 1 Iron Chisel
  • 50 Stone Blocks
  • 1 Eternal Heart
Amrine Tuning Orb

After you have created the tuning orb, the time arrives for you to gather up your allies and venture forth, taking on the mobs. And as you slash down your foes, hope that some of them drop the Coagulated Blood.

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