How to Get Rich Fast in New World | Earn Coins with Fishing, Mining, Arcana and Jewel Crafting

Hey you, have you finally broken through the 1000 player long queues of New World? Can’t figure out what to do? Or do you want to just snag a territory with your Company and don’t have the funds to do it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can get really rich, really fast in New World.

With the game having 17 different skills each with a level cap of two hundred, you are not the only one who isn’t sure of where they should allocate all their time. But, don’t fret! There are a few particular skills that you can go for that’ll certainly more than make up for the time you spent.

An MMO Enthusiast’s Guide to Getting Rich in New World

With all the rambling out of the picture, we’ve spent tons of time trying to figure out the best professions in the game. With a classless system, this was…relatively easy to say the least. With years of MMO experience behind our back, we’re very confident with our findings!

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Fishing (Gathering)

Ah yes, for those who like to go AFK without really going AFK, fishing’s the right profession for you. Just pick up a nice pretty spot to start your gathering in and look at the hours fly by. However, there’s more to fishing than what meets the eye and that’s where you’ll be getting most of your riches from.

Instead of focusing on just Fish, you can get some bait from nearby bushes and aim for getting Treasure Chests as well! As you level up your fishing skill, you’ll get higher chances of getting these chests which you can sell the loot of for a lot of money!

Mining (Gathering)

If it is mining you’ve chosen, a true grinder you must be. Mining is the staple profession of every deep-pocketed MMO aficionado and the profession never seems to go wrong, even in New World! If you have the time and effort to move around the map trying to find the best minerals and resources, this one is for you.

Crafting a Mining Strategy

A good mining strategy will involve circuits of an area that has the resource you desire. If you aren’t sure of where you can find ores, check out this dynamic, interactive map that details every resource currently present in the game!

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Arcana (Crafting)

Content with low-level healing potions? Well, we aren’t either! With spontaneous world PvE events and an emphasis on PvP, having high-level Elixirs and Potions can buff up almost every value in New World. Therefore, it’s only obvious that players are willing to pay up high prices to be able to get access to those game-changing potions.

Increasing your Arcana skill doesn’t take up a lot of time as most of the resources needed are readily available. Its only players who have good foresight will be committing to this profession knowing its never-ending demand when you head to the late game.

Jewel Crafting

The last profession we’ll be mentioning is a bit obscure but never has enough supply to meet its demands. Well, if the profession’s so good, why does no one go for it? Simple, it is very hard to find raw materials for this profession and it’s a bit boring. But wait, that doesn’t need to be true for you. If you’ve been reading along, you probably already know where to find all the raw materials you require for this innate profession.

Jewel Crafting is one of the easiest ways to get rich in New World as it scales quite from the midgame to the endgame where high-level gear is worth nothing if not for gems.

Are you excited for New World? Found another way to get rich? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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