Does New World Have Controller Support?

New World has left players confused on whether they can play the game with their controllers or not. Amazon’s new MMO is the popular kid on the block, gathering over 800,000 concurrent players in its first week. The worldwide appreciation of the game helped Amazon finally break into the gaming industry and brighten its tarnished reputation.

Since its launch, New World has been under fire from bugs and server issues, however, the developers have not released any official statement as of yet. Another query players are highlighting is if the game supports an external controller or not.

Why Use a Controller?

Many users aren’t a fan of the usual mouse and keyboard and rather prefer to play using controllers. Though playing on a keyboard does allow players to use more spells efficiently, the comfort of a controller is unmatched for veteran console players. Now the question arises, does New World support external Controllers?

Can you Play New World with Controller?

Well, the official answer to this question would be No, however this doesn’t mean that we can’t manage a way around it. New World doesn’t exactly help you out if you’ve connected a controller, however, you can rebind your controls manually to play the game.

This feature is probably missing due to the difference in the number of keys in a keyboard and controller. Playing the game effectively requires you to have numerous key binds easily accessible, which isn’t a controller’s forte. However, not having every input available at a single press isn’t the end of the world, especially if you only play PvE.

How to Rebind Keys in New World for Controllers

If you prefer to play on the controller, you will need to rebind your keys one by one. In order to do so, connect your controller and go to your in-game Settings where you need to navigate to the Key Bindings page. After that, you will simply need to click the hotkey you want to rebind and select the appropriate button on your controller.

New World Key binds

Despite the option of rebinding, we would generally recommend playing the game with a mouse and keyboard, mainly due to keyboards having numerous button options, giving you an edge in action-packed combat.

new world key bind

New World players have been facing long queue times and servers issues since the game’s launch. Have they been fixed for you till yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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