How to Fix ‘Stuck in Queue’ Error in New World

New World has surprised fans around the globe with its captivating MMO gameplay filled with combat, magic, factions, forts, and companies. Amazon Game Studios have clearly outdone themselves with what they’ve put on the table. However, when the demand exceeds expectations, servers and operations may start falling apart under the load.

The game is facing its fair share of bugs and issues which are hopefully being worked on by the developers. The players have also complained about Server issues and long queue times which we have covered in a previous post. Another issue sparking complaints has been the ‘Stuck in Queue’ error.

How to Fix the ‘Stuck in Queue’ Bug

The ‘Stuck in Queue’ error has annoyed a lot of people as it basically prevents players from joining the server. Players have complained about extremely long queue times and many a time not being able to join a specific server. Here are some fixes if you are facing this issue:

Check Server Status

The first step would be to check if there is any problem from the game’s end. You can view the server status of your respected server from the Support Website of New World.

New World Server Status

If you want an in-depth guide regarding server connectivity issues, you can always have a look at our post about it.

Try a Different Server

Unfortunately, New World servers have a player cap of 2000 people at a time. If the server is up and running, it may be possible that it’s currently filled with maximum players. You can try a different server for the time being until your desired server is free.

You can also choose to wait in Queue until a slot is free, however, if you’re looking to get into one of the popular servers, the wait time may be extremely long.

Players facing the ‘Stuck in Queue’ issue may log out from the game and try their luck in a couple of hours. We also recommend playing in off-hours as currently the game is extremely hyped and getting into a server in peak hours is next to a miracle.

Hopefully, the developers are taking notes and would fix the issue as soon as possible. Till then we would recommend you to sit tight and don’t judge this gorgeous game too quickly.

With the game just released, it is reasonable for it to be facing such bugs and issues. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t released an official statement yet but we will try to keep you guys updated as soon as any news is communicated. What types of issues are you facing while played New World? Tell us in the comments below!

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