How to Travel Fast in New World | Movement Speed Tips Guide

Traveling quickly around the vast lands of Aeternum can be a pain in New World. Amazon’s latest MMO has racked up a huge fanbase, however bugs and issues with the game have been drastically affecting the gameplay. A few days into the game, it seems that the traveling aspect in New World is not as thought out as it should’ve been.

The game has no mounts or flight paths in its current map, therefore the only option we are left with is to travel by foot. Players are getting annoyed by the constant walking and explain the process to be extremely time-consuming. If you are one of these players, read the guide below to find the fastest ways to travel in the lands of Aeternum.

Fast Travel Guide for Aeternum

Players have been doing a lot of running in New World and some are even dying intentionally to get to their destination faster. However, we will be explaining to you all the ways by which you can travel quickly in Aeternum.

Fast Travel

You can fast travel from Settlement to Settlement, for a cost (Azoth). You can also fast travel to any of the Spirit Shrines, which are scattered throughout the vast lands of Aeternum. However, there are a couple of restrictions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You need to be at a Spirit Shrine or in a Settlement in order to Fast Travel to another location.
  • You must have previously visited the Settlement or Spirit Shrine you are Fast Traveling to.
  • Fast traveling uses a special resource called Azoth. The cost of Azoth for Fast Traveling varies, primarily depending on your character’s inventory weight, the distance being traveled, and whether or not your faction controls the settlement being Fast Traveled to.

Fast travelling with abandon will quickly deplete your Azoth, so it’s preferred to only opt for it when you really need to.

Inn Recall

This method is pretty similar to Fast Travel as you can recall yourself to your Home Inn once every hour. The perk of this method is that you can use it from anywhere on the map with the only condition that it’s off-cooldown.

To register an Inn as a Recall location, you simply need to talk to the Innkeeper at whichever Settlement you want to travel to and make him register you as a guest. However, this method does consume a bit of time so it’ll be best if you don’t use it if you’re under immediate danger.

New World Fast Travel inn

Note: Traveling using Inns does not consume any resources!


Although this method sounds preposterous, it’s actually quite effective if you’re early on in the game. Usually, if you die in the wilderness of Aeternum, you will be respawned at your camp. However, if there is no camp available in a 500-meter range, you will instead be able to respawn in the town nearest to you.

New World Fast Travel dying

Although it can be pretty useful, we wouldn’t recommend relying on this method all the time as dying in New World can be detrimental for your items. Dying damages the durability of items in your bags requiring you to spend money for repairing your gear. It’s not too costly early on, but as you level up and get better items, the price does increase.

Movement Speed Weapon Masteries

Not exactly fast travel, but this method can greatly increase your movement speed in the game. You can find a couple of Speed-Enhancing abilities in the Weapon Mastery skill trees of various weapons in the game. Although not all of these abilities are that effective, some skills do stand out:

  • Musket’s Hustle Passive Ability
    • Found in the Trapper skill tree.
    • Grants players a 10% speed boost for 3 seconds after performing a roll or dodge
  • Hatchet’s Berserk Weapon Mastery Skill
    • Grants you a 20% speed boost for 12 seconds when used alongside the passive ability On the Hunt
    • Requires only a 2 Skill Point investment
New World Hatchet fast travel

The fast travel system does seem a bit floppy, however following the above tips would definitely get you through the game. Are you still facing longer queue times? Check out our detailed guide about that!

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