Back 4 Blood: Where to Find All Golden Skulls

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Back 4 Blood is packed with hidden Easter Eggs and Collectibles and players are struggling to find them. Players who aim for maximum trophies and gamer-score are lucky as the game strives on its replay-ability aspect. This allows players to go back and pick up any collectible they missed fighting against the post-apocalyptic world.

This guide will be explaining on how to find Golden Skulls which have been hidden in each chapter of the game. Collecting the Golden Skulls can be very fun and provide players with a bit of extra challenge while also awarding an Achievement after collecting each Skull.

How to Find Golden Skulls in Back 4 Blood

There are a total of 10 Golden Skulls hidden around some secret place in each chapter of the game. You can technically find them in both the Co-Op and Solo Campaigns, however, the achievements only trigger if you’re playing in the Co-Op Campaign mode. We have compiled all Skull locations in Chronological order for your ease:

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Port Man Toe?

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: The Devil’s Return
  • Mission: The Crossing

You need to jump on board the ship from the bridge, then turn left and walk downstairs. After that, turn right to go back down the ship where you will find a red shipping container to your right. Hop into the container to find the first Skull inside a briefcase.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Bell Hop

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: Search and Rescue
  • Mission: Book Worms

When you enter the Haven Apartments building, head down the stairs outside to enter the basement. After that, head upstairs to the ground floor and enter the room to the left. To find the Skull, look underneath the desk near a vacant wooden chair.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Pallet Cleanser

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: The Dark Before the Dawn
  • Mission: Special Delivery

Go through the level until you reach the lumber yard, just before the safe house. Then, you need to climb on top of the dumpster outside the yard and jump across the pallets until you find the Golden Skull.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Easily Mist

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: Blue Dog Hollow
  • Mission: Hell’s Bells

Trekking across the marshy forest, this one can be found around the tool shed. Climb on top of cliffs that are in the middle of the explorable areas. On the top of the steepest cliff, you’ll find the Golden Skull hidden between some shrubs and a tree.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Cooped Up

  • Location: Act 2
  • Chapter: The Armory
  • Mission: A Call to Arms

Once you make your way out of the parking structure, go to the rightmost part of the area. Walk around the edge until you find a garden with some plants. There will be a chicken coop in the garden where the next Skull will be.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Dangerous To Go Alone

  • Location: Act 2
  • Chapter: Plan B
  • Mission: Hinterland

When you reach the underpass with the big bridge, backtrack to the waterfall behind you. You’ll need to walk into the waterfall where you’ll find the hidden Skull.

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Back 4 Blood Golden Skull


  • Location: Act 2
  • Chapter: Job 10:22
  • Mission: Grave Danger

Walk along the right-side path as you approach the church. Then, you have to turn right and head to the far end of the graveyard to find an open crypt. Inside the doorway of this crypt is the Golden Skull lying with a turtle plushie.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Night of the Living Hedge

  • Location: Act 3
  • Chapter: Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
  • Mission: Garden Party

When you reach the exit of the Hedge Maze towards the safe house, instead of going upstairs, go through the next opening. Follow the path, and you’ll find the Skull inside a font.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Extra Credit

  • Location: Act 3
  • Chapter: Remnants
  • Mission: Making the Grade

When you exit the gymnasium, you’ll be walking on the rooftop of the school building. Make your way towards the end of the mission, but stay to the rightmost part while moving along. You’ll find a blue and yellow tent in which the Skull is hidden.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull

Mind Your Step

  • Location: Act 4
  • Chapter: The Abomination
  • Mission: The Abomination

After being tasked with destroying the body’s weak spots, you’ll find a very narrow veiny bridge right off the main path. Walk across and climb up the first vein to your right until you reach the top. The last Skull is crammed into the skin wall.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull
Credits: HarryNinetyFour YT

These are all the locations you need to know for finding all 10 of the Golden Skulls. Do you consider yourself a trophy hunter? Check out Back 4 Blood’s achievement’s list to see what else you can bag.

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