Where to Find “Shushire Boys” Hidden Story in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is chock-full of quests strewn about the whole world. Some are your mainland activities and side quests and some are just collectible styles side content that attracts the most diehard of fans. “Shushire Boys” is part of the hidden story set of Shushire world quest, and we are going to tell you where it is in this article.

These hidden quests are easy to miss and are hiding in plain site that you are most likely to gloss over it. Just follow along this guide to get this specific hidden story. For all the new skins that are added in the Dark Omen collection, we have a separate article listing them.

“Shushire Boys” Hidden Story in Lost Ark

This hidden story is in the Shushire area and can be easily tackled without much hassle, just don’t worry about the timer attached to it as you have plenty of time to tick this from your list. The best part is the Hidden Story has two parts and both are in the Rigens Village in Shushire, so there is no tension of enemies popping up to hinder your progress. Both parts can be done pretty straightforwardly.

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First Hidden Story – Shurshire Boys

image 66
image 67

The first story is located in Bell Tower Plaza, marked on the map above. Look for a small corner where there are burned ruins and barren trees. The end of the path will have a wall beside a tree that needs to be investigated to trigger the 20 minutes timer to get to the next hidden story.

Second Hidden Story – Shushire Boys

Lost Ark Shushire Boys Map 2 1024x576 1
image 68

Go to the location marked on the map above. Next to the building in the picture is a tree that needs to be investigated to get the second part and complete the “Shushire Boys” hidden story.

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