Lost Ark Dark Omen Skin Collection: Release Date, Price Details

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Lost Ark has you dotting around its world killing baddies and doing all sorts of activities, which at times can get a tad bit repetitive, but when you look good while doing it all that exhaustion fades away. The skin game in Lost Ark is especially strong owing to the Korean’s creativity.

This time around a new set of skins are being introduced, Dark Omen Skin Collection, and my oh my those look badass, to say the least. These skins look like they are plucked straight from Tolkien fantasy. To see what they look like and when are they released, keep reading. For more skins, check our Lost Ark all skins collection.

Dark Omen Skin Collection Reveal

YouTube video

In a beautifully ominous CG trailer recently posted on a Lost Ark channel, the skin collection was revealed to the public. The trailer showed off the skins on the following classes:

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Male Gunner
  • Female Martial Artist
  • Assassin

All these characters were seen donning this particular skin in their power poses and the group looks diabolically ostentatious. The skins are reportedly available in 4 different colors other than seen in the trailer, Green, Purple, Orange, and Red.

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Release Date

The skin collection is delivered with the introduction of the March update/content which will be released on March 10, 2022. The update will be fully in effect after a brief server maintenance break on the same date starting at 12 AM PST / 3 AM EST / 8 AM GMT / 9 AM CEST. The break will last approximately 4 hours after which you can access the new update and skins.

Smilegate has confirmed that the skins will be purchasable with Royal Crystals only, the premium currency in Lost Ark that is only available through real money, so ready your wallets. Also, these skins are for a limited time only and will be gone when the April update goes live so get it till supplies last!

Dark Omen Skin Collection – Showcase

image 41
image 42
image 43
image 44
image 46
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image 47
image 48
image 49
image 50
image 40

Do you like this skin collection? Are you going to buy a skin? Which class are you buying it for? Tell us in the comments below. And for more Lost Ark content, news and guides check our dedicated section.

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