Lost Ark: All Outfits, Skins and Costumes

Being an MMORPG the skin and fashion side is just behind the build you choose. And with Lost Ark having such an array of amazing outfits we’d figured it will be a great help to you if we made a closet of all the outfits in the game. Looking cool is the endgame.

Outfits hide the ugly mismatch of equipment you might have on and make you look fabulous. There are many ways through which you can get skins. Keeping the enemy at bay can get tiring so its best to look stunning while doing it. So get ready to feast your eyes with the stylings of Losk Ark tailors. To make these skins pop, you must also configure Lost Ark with optimal settings.

Outfits in Lost Ark are available in the game’s cash shop and are rotated every season. Every season some classes might be given more outfits than the rest so worry not your class’s turn will be in the future. Also, some outfits are for the base Class while other outfits are for the advanced class exclusively so choose wisely. Outfits can also be shared between the characters of your account if they are of the same class. Outfits do provide some stat bonuses but are very minute and shouldn’t influence your buying decision, Glamour is what matters!

Update (April 2022): The new Lost Ark Glaivier class skins will be added in the coming days, so check back soon.

Depending on when you view this article the outfits may vary, we’ll update this list whenever new outfits are in store.

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Warrior Class Outfits

Warriors are the Tank class of Lost Ark. They move slow to get to their target but their strikes are punishing to say the least. A class best for people who likes to withstand damage for their team, who talk less and do more!


Best and most accessible class for the masses. This guy can literally go berserk and destroy enemies in mere seconds (if build properly). Using their greatsword and anger they are unstoppable on the field. When in the berserk mode they gain crazy speed and earth shattering damage potential.


This is the tankiest of all the Warrior subclasses. Their potential is tapped when they become the human punching bag for the team with their massive shield, absorbing bunch of damage for all. Oh and they have a gun lance weapon that deal good damage too. Rather than takin ONE for the team they take All for them.

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Martial Artist Outfits

If you are into martial arts and like the speed of the attacks and their flashiness then this class is for you. They use their fist or fist weapons and rapid combos to deal damage and move away. In and out is the name of the game here and speed is their forte.


Wardancers are not just martial artists but are elemental force in themselves. They enhance their moves with elemental powers and deal added damage. With this extra layer of power their attacks become even more devastating and their moves become extravagant.


A two in one class having both melee and ranged potential. Soulfists can switch up their style on the fly to keep the enemy guessing. Combining the two types of attack results in some mind blowing powerful attacks. They tap a special energy Adamance to strengthen their abilities or push them through the fight.


As mentioned earlier, we will soon publish all the Glaivier skins here as soon as this new class goes live in Lost Ark for the NA / EU region. So do check back later. For now, you can read through its skills, engravings and mechanics.

Gunner Outfits

For all you ranged people out there this class has you covered. Stay at a distance deliver punishment is their goal. They use ranged weapons like futuristic guns, short and long range, and archery to destroy and provide support to team mates that are in the fray.


Sharpshooters uses mechanical bows and arrows with unique properties. to deal all kinds of damage. They survive longer and move about the battlefield enough to make them difficult to dispose of. They can use stealth to take advantage of enemy weakness.

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Deadeye wields not one not two but three weapons with them to use according to the situation. Each weapon can be chosen according to the situation which includes a double handgun, a shotgun and a rifle, each serving their respective purpose. They are very diverse and can go face to face with the enemy or stay behind and fight.

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Mage Outfits

Mage is your support class with ranged attacks and abilities that are beneficial for the whole party. They can buff the rest of the team to be more effective and heal to increase their survivability or can deal Area of effect damage depending on the way you build them. They are a pretty fragile class so keeping your distance is expected.

Assassin Outfits

This is your glass cannon of the bunch where Assassins deal massive damage but if caught between a rock and a hard place they are bound to get squished. This weakness is compensated by quick maneuverability and is recommended to those who like to me more methodical while playing rather than button mash.

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Animal Skins

The animal skins were part of the gifts given in the Gratitude Packs, a celebratory gift given in honor of the western launch of the game. The skins are unique for both female and male and will be showcased respectively side by side for both below.

Wow what a collection right there. I’m just as confused as you on what to get for my Martial Artist. Do let us know what skins are you guys rocking for your classes. And for more Lost Ark content stay up to date with our website.

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