How to Get Astray Ship in Lost Ark

The Astray Ship is one of the most highly coveted ships in Lost Ark, boasting the highest speed among all the vessels while also having very good resistance to most hazardous water types. While attaining this vessel is a herculean task, it is definitely worth it due to the benefits that the Astray offers.

Well if you want to acquire this legendary ship in Lost Ark, you have come to the right place. Keep in mind that this is going to take multiple days and even weeks of frequent grinding to unlock, so without further ado, below you can find exactly how you can acquire one of the best ships in the entirety of Lost Ark. You might also want to check out our detailed look at the best classes tier list.

Kelp Beds Resistance23
Sandstorm Seas Resistance22
Siren Seas Resistance21
Cold Snap Seas Resistance22
Tempest Seas Resistance18
Dead Waters Resistance18
Base Speed22

Acquiring the Astray Ship:


To first build the Astray Ship in Lost Ark, the players will first need to speak to Belrod on Blackfang’s Den. You will have to pay him 10,000 silver and acquire the following components:

  • Astray Construction Blueprint ×1
  • Astray Operation Manual ×1
  • Certificate of Pirate ×1
  • Timber ×570
  • Uncommon Ship Parts Material ×375

Acquiring these materials is easier said than done, players will either need to be insanely lucky or spend dozens upon dozens of hours in Lost Ark to obtain the above materials. Below you can find a way to obtain all of the materials in order to unlock the Astray ship in Lost Ark.

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MaterialsHow to Obtain
Astray Construction BlueprintGiven as a reward for reaching Reputation Level 3(12 Days) by repeating daily quest “She Drifts, Sea Gifts” on event locations.
Astray Operation ManualCan be acquired after finishing the “Pirate Star: Astray” quest, sold by Mariner Rosa on Blackfang’s Den for 300,000× Pirate Coins. This will also require players to consistently grind Una’s task for around 25 days (Or Una’s completion tickets/blue crystals)
Certification of PirateGiven as a reward for reaching Reputation Level 3 (8 days) by repeating the “Pest Control” daily quest in Blackfang’s Den.
TimberCan be found through certain chests and by doing various quests.
Uncommon Ship Parts MaterialCan be found in chests or by doing various quests, especially in Arkesia’s islands.

Along with all of this, you need to have very high Rapport with Blackfang to even finish the “Pirate Star: Astray”. Approximately 77,000 Rapport is required which is going to take a huge chunk of time in and of itself. There IS a way to cheese it but we recommend against it as it will hurt in the long run since it bypasses certain quests and dialogues that give you a huge amount of Rapport.

How To Get The Crew For the Astray:

Lost Ark Astray Ship1

The best ship in all of Lost Ark will require an equally talented crew to pilot it. And now begins the hunt for the crew. So here’s the crew that you need to look for:

Relic Rarity:

Lost Ark Astray Ship3

Following are all the relic rarity crew that you need to look for.

Relic Rarity Blackfang:

An essential component for the Astray Ship. She capitalizes on the biggest benefit of the astray with the ability to boost more frequently thus gaining more speed.

To get her players will need to buy Tears of Abyss from a Trader Ship outside Punika for 8000 sun coins. After which they should head to the Isle of Mist and talk to Keith to exchange it with Blackfang.

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Relic Rarity Barakas:

Barakas offers great speed and resistance to your ship, he also compliments very well with Wilhelm due to Wilhem’s slower speed in exchange for strong resistances.

To get him players will need to purchase him from a Trader ship outside Punika for 14000 Sun Coins.

Relic Rarity Wilhelm:

While Wilhelm brings slower speed to your ship, its made up for with his excellent resistance to damage. Making him an essential component for your crew especially for certain late game zones.

You can get him from (again) a trader ship outside Punika for 144k Pirate Coins.

Legendary Rarity:

Lost Ark Astray Ship4

Following are all the Legendary rarity crew that you need to look out for.

Legendary Blackfang:

Chance to be obtained as a drop from a seafare map which can in-turn be obtained as a reward from Harmony Gate event chest, low chance to drop so pray to the RNG Gods to make your rolls be true.

Legendary Wilhelm:

Can be bought from travelling merchants in Strongholds, Extremely rare. Can also be found through special travelling merchants that you have to unlock. For Wilhelm its the Saha Stronghold Merchant (From Punika 70% completion)

Legendary Barakas:

Can be bought from travelling merchants in Strongholds, Extremely rare. Can also be found through special travelling merchants that you have to unlock. For Barakas its the Gador Stronghold Merchant (From Yorn 70% completion).

Epic Rarity:

Lost Ark Astray Ship2

Following are all the Epic Rarity Crew to look out for.

Epic Blackfang:

Obtained as a Rapport Reward from Blackfang.

Epic Barakas:

Epic Barakas can be bought from a trader ship outside Feiton for 3604 Ancient Coins.

Epic Wilhelm:

Epic Wilhem can be obtained from a trader ship outside Rohendel for 36k Pirate Coins.

Doing all of this to get the Astray ship in Lost Ark will require an insanely high amount of dedication from the player, we highly suggest doing it slowly overtime instead of heavily grinding towards this as a goal. With enough grinding, you will eventually be among the few to own one of the best ships in the entirety of Lost Ark.

We hope you found this guide helpful, for more guides on Lost Ark, check out our Guides section!

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