How to Unlock All Ships in Lost Ark

Sailing is one of the most important things in Lost Ark. Since you have to travel from continent to continent, you must have a good ship to make the journey easier. If you are a completionist like me, you’ll want to unlock all the ships in the game. That is why this guide will take a look at how to unlock all ships in Lost Ark.

If you are a new player, then you don’t have to worry about sailing at all. You will be able to use a ship after you progress a fair bit through the campaign. By fair bit, I mean about 15 hours. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how to unlock all ships in Lost Ark. You might also want to check out our detailed look at the best classes tier list.

Before we talk about how you can get all the ships, let’s take some time and discuss how you can unlock the sailing mechanic. Since it isn’t available from the start, you will have to progress through the game quite a bit. Eventually, you’ll come across a story quest named Set Sail. This quest will show you the basics and even give you your own ship – the Estoque.

The good news is that you cannot miss this quest and you won’t even have to do anything special to get here – other than complete the previous quests, of course. If you want an estimate of when you’ll get here, you will be somewhere around level 35.

All Ships in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Ships

Since sailing plays a significant role in Lost Ark, there is a wide variety of ships that you can unlock. All of them have various stats and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Plus, upgrading them will make them even stronger.

Estoque (Your first ship)Base speed of 20.0, resistances are all equal.
White WindBase speed of 19.0, most resistant to Sandstorm Seas.
SturmbrecherBase speed of 18.0, most resistant to Cold Snap Seas.
EurusBase speed of 21.0, most resistant to Kelp Beds.
BrahmsBase speed of 18.5, most resistant to Siren Seas.
TragonBase speed of 18.0, most resistant to Tempest Seas.
AstrayBase speed of 22.0, resistances are all equal.
Eibern’s WoundBase speed of 18.3, most resistant to Dead Waters.

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How to Unlock All Ships

How to unlock all ships in Lost Ark

Some of the ships are easy to unlock while others can take quite some time. However, with enough patience and effort, you’ll get them all.

ShipHow to unlock
Estoque (Your first ship)Automatically unlocked when you complete the Set Sail mission
White WindObtained by completing the main story in Aniika.
SturmbrecherAfter completing North Vern’s storyline, you will need the Stormbrecher to travel through massive glaciers.
EurusYou can receive Eurus as a reward for reaching reputation level three with the Ride Like in the Wind Una Daily Task.
BrahmsYou earn Brahms as a reward for reaching reputation level four in the Lopang Island Una Daily Task. Specifically, the Special Delivery tasks.
TragonYou will first need to complete the Roster Quest on Aiwana Island. After that, you must reach reputation level four in Hypnos’s Eyes Una Daily Tasks.
AstrayYou can craft this ship in Blackfang’s Den. You will need to find an NPC named Belrod who will explain what materials you will need in order to do so (Astray Construction Blueprint, Astray Operation Manual, x570 Timber, x375 Uncommon Ship Parts Material, 10k Silver).
Eibern’s WoundYou can get this ship as a reward for reaching reputation level three in the Black Night Fog Una Daily Task.

Best Ship in Lost Ark


Now that we know about all of the ships and how you can unlock them, let’s find out what is the best one in Lost Ark. The best part about the game is that all of the ships are balanced and all of them work pretty well. However, I love the Estoque since you get it for free as part of the main campaign. Plus, the base stats are nice, so it won’t feel like you got the short end of the stick.

Other than that, if I had to choose one, the Astray is an amazing ship that has the fastest speed and great resistance. If you want to travel long distances, this will be your best friend. However, depending on the area that you want to travel to, I suggest picking a ship with appropriate resistance.

There you have it, that is how to unlock all ships in Lost Ark. We would love to hear what ships you have got in your fleet, and have you managed to unlock all of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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