Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Rewards

This is a list of the latest Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass rewards (free and paid) which you can unlock this season. The alien invasion is finally over, and now Fortnite’s island is full of… cubes. Season 8 of the battle royale’s second chapter is now live and it’s surprisingly called, “Cubed”. The new Battle Pass brings users a plethora of new emotes, outfits, and rewards to unlock! From a Marvel collaboration to new and unique ideas, Fortnite has gone all out in this Battle pass, making it enjoyable and worthwhile to level up and claim those epic rewards!

This guide will be covering the best rewards Fornite has offered in their battle pass so you know what to aim for if you planned on completing challenges this season.

Best Battle Pass Rewards

We understand that with the Fortnite Battle Pass displaying tons of rewards, it sometimes becomes difficult to single out the best rewards available. To help you guys out, we have made a list of the finest skins you should be aiming to unlock in this Season 8 Battle Pass!

Charlotte – Unlocked upon purchasing the Battle Pass

Charlotte Basic Outfit
Charlotte Basic Outfit

Charlotte is an ‘Epic’ Fortnite outfit originating from the ‘Hagiri’ set. The base outfit is unlocked upon purchasing the Battle Pass while the ‘Enchanted Spirit‘ variant requires spending 8 Battle Points on Page 3.

Fortnite Charlotte Enchanted Spirit Variant
Charlotte Enchanted Spirit Variant – Page 3

Toona Fish – Page 1

Fortnite Toona Fish outfit
Toona Fish Basic Variant

This new outfit of a customizable cartoon fish skin requires 9 Battle Stars. Players need to scavenge the map for colorful bottles in order to upgrade the black and white cartoon into colors of the rainbow.

Kor – Page 4

Fortnite Kor Outfit
Kor Basic Variant – Page 4

Featuring a new concept, Kor gives exhibitions a villain look with a blue eye and black attire. Unlocking the basic outfit requires at least 9 Battle Stars and level 30 or 18 rewards to unlock her page. Although not the brightest outfit offered in this Battle Pass, its ‘Trenchcoat’ and ‘Tactical Gray’ variants are pretty skins to play with.

Fortnite Kor Trenchcoat Variant
Kor Trenchcoat Variant – Page 5
Fortnite Kor Tactical Gray Variant
Kor Tactical Gray Variant – Page 6

Demonslayer Blade – Page 2

Fornite Demonslayer blade

The Fornite Demonslayer Blade is part of the ‘Hagiri‘ set. Designed like a Japanese katana, it’s an ‘Epic‘ harvesting tool that can be unlocked at Tier 10 of the Battle Pass.

Fornite Torin Outfit – Page 8

Fortnite Torin Outfit

Torin is displayed as the leader of the pack of season 8. Being in the center of all the Season 8 key art, her ‘Legendary’ outfit is unlockable after claiming 60 rewards or reaching level 70. Some of her corresponding cosmetics include her Lightblade pickaxe and Dimensional Camo wrap.

Torin’s Light Blade – Page 8

Fortnite Torin's Lightblade

Torin’s Lightblade is an ‘Epic’ Fortnite Harvesting Tool from the Sidewayfarer set. As described by ‘Epic’, the sword is designed to look very light and toy-like. The sword is also a corresponding cosmetic for the new Torin outfit in the Battle Pass. It’s available once you reach Tier 70 of the Battle Pass.

Lil’ Rover Emote – Page 7

Fortnite Lil' rover emote

Lil’ Rover is another ‘Epic’ emote offered by Fortnite. With the help of the emote, your character rides the rover across the Fortnite map. To get this fun little emote, you need to reach Tier 60 of the Battle Pass.

Hand-Forged Emote – Page 2

Hand-Forged Emote

Hand-Forged is another ‘Epic‘ Fortnite Emote from the ‘Hagiri’ set. Your character looks sick while unsheathing their melee while using this emote. In order to unlock it, you need to reach Tier 10 of the Battle Pass and spend 7 Battle Stars.

Fortnite Sideways Shift Emote – Page 9

Fornite Sideways Shift emote

Sideways Shift is a ‘Legendary’ Fortnite Emote from the Sidewayfarer set. With a unique concept, the emote transforms Torin into a masked version of herself which looks quite intimidating.

Fornite Fabio Sparkleman Outfit – Page 5

Fabio Sparklemane Basic Variant
Fabio Sparklemane Basic Variant

This humanoid unicorn outfit is one of the best outfits available in this Battle Pass. The ‘Epic’ outfit which requires 9 Battle stars to unlock, has steller cosmetics to go with him along with a pretty hilarious emote. His alternative style is also pure gold, literally!

Fabio Sparklemane Gold CrunchVariant
Fabio Sparklemane Golden Crunch Variant

This alt variant costs around 8 Battle Stars to unlock.

J.B. Chimpanski Outfit – Page 7

J.B. Chimpanski Basic Variant
J.B. Chimpanski Basic Variant

The outfit features a human monkey hybrid in a golden astronaut suit. He’s rocking a pair of shades along with a riveting mustache. You can claim the ‘Epic’ outfit by spending 9 Battle Stars once you reach level 60. Similar to the Fabio outfit, J.B comes with an alternative pink style if you aren’t a fan of gold.

J.B. Chimpanski Nebula Rose Variant
J.B. Chimpanski Nebula Rose Variant – Page 9

This alt style is available after players have reached level 80 or claimed 74 rewards.

Carnage Cleaver Outfit – Page 10

Fortnite Carnage outfit

Fortnite’s collaboration with Marvel has brought in one of the most fearsome marvel characters into the game. Carnage is a product of the alien symbiote in the Spider-Man comic series. With Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to introduce the marvel villain. The outfit is unlockable by spending 9 Battle Stars after reaching level 90. He comes with a symbiote glider and built-in Carnage Cleaver pickaxe.

Carnage Cleaver PickAxe
Carnage Cleaver Pickaxe

This concludes all the amazing rewards you can get from this season’s Battle Pass. There’s also a mystery skin but no one know’s who she’ll be. From the teaser image, it’s evident that it’s a she, can you guess what would be the mystery skin? Tell us about it in the comments below along with your favourite skin from this Battle Pass.

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