How To Get The Fully Loaded Trophy In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy?

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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy features a plethora of achievements and trophies and one of the most coveted ones is The Fully Loaded trophy on the PlayStation. The Fully Loaded is a bronze trophy that requires you to “Invest in all Special Abilities for all Companions.” Learn how you can get the trophy in the section below.

Trophies have always been a huge motivation behind people playing a title, and Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is not short on those. Although some are harder to achieve than the rest, this is why we have developed a guide to help you through the trophy. So stick around and read on.

Get The Fully Loaded Trophy In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

To get The Fully Loaded trophy you would need to get all the special abilities of the player character and the companions, them being the rest of the crew. To obtain the trophy you just need to play the game long enough for you to claim all the unlockable abilities, and you can just buy the rest.

To unlock the abilities of your characters, just follow these simple steps.

  • Play the game to gather experience for your character.
  • Wait for a 1000 experience to be accumulated, which will prompt a level up.
  • Leveling up will grants you with an ability point.
  • Open up the Guardians menu and select which character you want the ability point to go to.
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  • Select the ability you want to purchase with the point and unlock it.
  • The ability will then be added to the specified character.

Every Guardian has a special ability that can only be unlocked through story progression. Playing through the respective character arc will allow you to unlock their special ability. And that’s all you need to do! After accessing the special abilities of every character, you would be able to get the Fully Loaded trophy.

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