How To Get Rocket’s Nova Corp Outfit In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, the most sought-after among all the items available has been Rocket’s Nova Corp Outfit. Although the game is littered with easter eggs from the cinematic series, none has been as elusive as this outfit, and we are here to help you find it.

The outfit not only takes you down memory lane but also unlocks exclusive dialogues for the characters while strengthening their bonds with the rest of your team. The item can be found after returning back to the Nova Corp Rock but can be a little tricky to locate. This is why we have prepared a handy step-by-step guide in the next section to help you through the ordeal.

Find Rocket’s Nova Corp Outfit In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

The Nova Corp Outfit can be found in a hidden room in the Nova Corp Rock while getting through the electric puzzle. Let’s look at a step-by-step guide on how to gain access to the hidden room and save you the trouble of looking for it yourself.

  • During the electric puzzle, restore the power to the station.
image 9
  • Ride the elevator to the upper levels where the team is forced to tell groot they need to go higher in order to solve the puzzle.
image 8
  • Following that, the players will get to a path leading them to a new room where they need to reroute the power.
  • After finding the conduit you will be present with the option to activate either the left or the right side.
image 12
  • Although the left path is the right way, you would need to select right to get the outfit.
image 14
  • Follow the electric currect to a room opposite to the conduit.
  • The room will have a purple box in it, which will provide you with the outfit upon interaction.
image 15

And there you have it, you have the most beautiful outfit a raccoon has ever worn.

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The Nova Corp outfit looks amazing and will surely help you relive the amazing cinematic moments. What do you think about the outfit? Let us know in the comments below.

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