How to Recover Genshin Impact Lost Account and Fix Recovery Issues

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Losing your account containing all the achievements, friends and skins can be devastating for a Genshin Impact player. There are, however, ways by which you can recover your lost Genshin Impact account and avoid starting from scratch. With Genshin Impact 2.2 about to drop, it’s high time to recover your lost account and get back into the game!

While many accounts are targeted by online hackers, there are several people who simply lose their accounts due to forgetting their credentials. Such accounts can be easily recovered by following some simple steps laid out by the game itself.

Genshin Impact Account Recovery

The last few months have seen a rise in lost accounts, making travelers of Teyvat disheartened. However, the game takes such issues seriously and offers its utmost support to the players. If you’re also included in the list of lost travelers, follow the guide to recover your account.

Recover Lost Account with Email

If you have linked your Genshin Impact account with an email address, or even a trusted third-party account (Facebook, Twitter, Apple), you can recover your account’s settings.

  • Head over to the Mihoyo’s website and log in to your account with the email used
  • After that, navigate to your miHoYo account Security Settings
Genshin Impact account security
  • Next, you’ll see a “Change Password” section which you need to select
  • Then click on Switch and a security verification pop-up will open
  • To enter a new password, you’ll first need to provide a Security Verification PIN which would be sent to your email
Genshin Impact account security
  • Once you’ve entered the PIN, you’ll be allowed to set a new password

Recover Lost Genshin Impact Account without Email

In case your account isn’t linked with any email or a third-party account, you can go ahead and email the miHoYo support team to recover your account.

genshin impact account recovery
  • If sent correctly, you will receive an auto-generated mail with a with a link to a form labelled as “Account Retrieval
  • Complete the form with accurate information and then submit it

You will likely hear from the support team soon if the information providing is accurate and precise. Please keep in mind that any email from [email protected] is actually from Genshin Impact.

How to Fill Account Recovery Retrieval Form

The Account Retrieval form for the Genshin Impact can be tricky and here are some guidelines you should keep in mind while filling it out :

  • Avoid spamming multiple emails as it wont recover your account any quicker
  • Be thorough with your answers and in case you don’t remember or know any information, don’t leave the answer field blank, rather try to answer the question to the best of your ability
  • Remember that a follow up to your query can take up-to 10 days, so stay patient
  • Make sure to regularly check your Spam/Junk folder in-case the response email has slipped under there
  • Make sure to not disclose any information regarding your account on Help Forums as your ticket should only be handled by the official Genshin Impact Customer Server representative through email

There are millions of travelers playing the game who run into account issues every day. We’d advise you to not be disheartened and have faith in the Support Team in recovering back your Genshin Impact account.

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  1. Anit tilija Avatar
    Anit tilija

    I only want my genshin impact account back.
    I don’t no the uid.
    I also deleted my login email permanently which was [email protected].
    I only know my genshin game name
    And it was SUSANO侍

    1. Did you got it back

  2. There’s no account retrieval form showing in the message from mihoyo

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