Lost Ark: How to Get Frost Wolf Mount

Getting around the massive world of Lost Ark can get a bit tiresome and why would you even bother walking when the game is giving you free mounts to hop on and ride into the sunset or dungeon in this case. Here’s how you can get yourself a frost wolf mount in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has many kinds of mounts from dinosaurs to mythical creatures and the basic horse just doesn’t cut it in this world. Lost Ark has a giant white Frost Wolf to give for free and you just need to follow the steps mentioned here to get the crazy ride. You can read how to get

Get Frost Wolf Mount in Lost Ark

Mounts in Lost Ark have various rarities and the more stylish it looks the more bragging rights you have especially if you have a banging skin on your character. Mounts do have skills and can range from basic animations and fireworks to actual abilities like flying which can aid you in questing.

The Frost Wolf is faster than your average mount and is able to jump so you can reach those hard to get places. But this mount is a basic green rarity one and though it looks special at first, the appeal might diminish quickly. Getting the Frost Wolf is pretty easy if you know where to go and what to do:

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First things first, complete the Northern Vern questline from the main story missions.

image 279

Once the Northern Vern questline is done for the Shushire quest will be available and is accessible through the new ship given in Vern.

image 280

Once you have completed the Shushire questline you will be rewarded with the Frost Wolf mount.

image 281

The procedure of acquiring the Frost Wolf Mount is pretty straightforward especially if you are beelining for the end-game and will complete these main story missions as they come along. That being said, this wolf is better than any basic horse you have.

Riding around on a wolf sure looks amazing and getting one for practically nothing is all the better. Now you know how to get your ride but who will be riding the mount can be sorted with our all classes guide.

Comment down below and let us know which mount are you riding.

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