Ghostwire: Tokyo Controls for PC Keyboard and Controller

Ghostwire: Tokyo

The action and fear-inducing Ghostwire: Tokyo is almost upon us and fans of the game can’t wait to get their hands on this. People with a hardcore obsession with Japanese modern and traditional culture are giddy with excitement to experience both of these cultures collide in this game. For a list of quick tips on how to fix stuttering issues with the game, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking forward to this game then you must know how to make it work to annihilate those nasty Yokai roaming everywhere in this version of Tokyo. Follow along with this article as we have listed down the controls for both PC and PlayStation 4 and 5 for Ghostwire: Tokyo. And for more Japanese developed games’ content check our Elden Ring section.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Controls

Ghostwire: Tokyo is not your typical FPS and has a distinct playstyle that you have to be aware of before diving headfirst into the game. The controls for both the PC and PlayStation are mentioned below.

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PlayStation 4 and 5 Controls – Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Controls Mapping
MoveLeft Stick
Rotate CameraRight Stick
Crouch and StandCircle
Switch ConsumableTriangle
Use ConsumableTriangle (Hold)
Spectral VisionSquare (once unlocked)
Strike Attack (Melee)R3
Charged AttackR2 (hold)
Aim AssistL2 (hold)
GuardL1 (time for Perfect Block)
Cycle ElementsR1
Attack WheelR1 (hold)
Quick PurgeL2 (when sneaking up on an enemy)
Grab CoreL2 (hold when triggered)
Absorb Distant EtherL2 (hold)
Toggle FlashlightD-Pad Up
Switch to Bow or Ethereal AttacksD-Pad Down
Switch TalismanD-Pad Left
Pause MenuOptions
Game MenuTouchpad

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PC Keyboard Controls – Ghostwire: Tokyo

image 102
Functions Keys
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardsS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
SprintLeft SHIFT
Crouch/StandLeft CTRL
InteractRight Mouse Button
Cleanse Torii Gate/Absorb Spirits/Grab Core/Absorb EtherRight Mouse Button
Spectral VisionTAB
Aim/Ready GrappleRight Mouse Button
Ranged AttackLeft Mouse Button
Melee AttackQ
BlockMouse Scroll Wheel Button/Click
Switch TalismanF
Switch Consumable/Use ConsumableC
Bow/Ethereal Weaving Quick SwapR
Change Ethereal Weaving Element/Attack WheelE
Wire InV
Hand Seal Release Energy (Left)Left Mouse Button
Hand Seal Release Energy (Right)Right Mouse Button
Scroll Through Weapons (Reverse Order)Mouse Scroll Wheel Up
Scroll Through WeaponsMouse Scroll Wheel Down
Equip Wind Weaving1
Equip Water Weaving2
Equip Fire Weaving3
Equip Bow4
Equip Stun Talisman5
Equip Exposure Talisman6
Equip Decoy Talisman7
Equip Thicket Talisman8
Toggle FlashlightX
Game MenuM
Pause MenuESC

Are you enjoying Ghostwire: Tokyo? Do you find this game nightmarish or more action-packed? Let us know in the comments below.

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