God of War PC Save Game File (100% Completed) – Download Now

God of War PC has just been released and we have the complete 100% completed save game for PC right here for you. The save game includes both modded and unmodded stats. You’ll be able to use both of them depending on your preference. However, both saves have everything unlocked including the Zeus armor.

These saves have been ported from the modded and unmodded versions of God of War on the PS4. You won’t need to have the retail copy of the game on the PS5 to be able to install these saves. All you need is a PC with the game installed already.

God of War PC Save Game (100% Completed)

god of war 100% save

The save provides you with a unique starting experience with Kratos who has no chest armor, alongside shields and Zeus Armor as well. You’ll gain access to the following with this save:

  • Armorless Kratos
  • Zeus Armor / All Shields
  • Starting Save with Modded Kratos
  • Increased Health

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Here’s how you can install the 100% save game for God of War on PC:

  • Download the save file you need from here.
  • You’ll be able to select the exact variant of the save file according to your preference
  • Head onto the save file location of God of War.
    • C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\God of War\NUMBERS
  • Backup the game.sav file present there and replace it with the one you just downloaded.
  • The game should run fine with the save file that you needed!

Note: For the most optimal, bug-free experience, make sure you are on the latest patch of God of War PC.

Are you enjoying the 100% completed save game? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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