Gran Turismo 7 Steering Wheel Controllers Support List

As with any racing game, most players prefer using the steering wheels. Whether you are a hardcore player or a casual one, using a steering wheel is extremely fun and enhances the gameplay experience a lot. Luckily, Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) supports a lot of good steering wheel controllers that deliver the best experience to the player.

This guide will showcase the best steering wheels that you can use right now. The steering wheels mentioned in this guide will only feature the officially supported ones. You can use various third-party products but we aren’t sure how well they will work. With that said, let’s dive right in. For those who have been having issues with controllers, check out our list of GT7 known issues.

Gran Turismo 7: Steering Wheels Supported

If you already have a steering wheel and were wondering if the game supports it or not, then this guide is perfect for you. If you wish to adjust the settings, you can do so by selecting ‘Options,’ then ‘Controllers,’ from the ‘GT Menu.’

The following is a list of officially supported steering wheels for Gran Turismo 7:

・THRUSTMASTER® T248 (Operating as a T-GT-compatible controller)
・THRUSTMASTER® T500RS (PlayStation®4 system only)
・Logitech G29 Driving Force
・Logitech G923 Racing Wheel
・Fanatec® CSL Elite Racing Wheel
・Fanatec® GT DD Pro
・Fanatec® Podium

If you are using the gear stick and clutch alongside the steering wheels, make sure that you enable manual driving from the settings. As soon as you start a race, the paddle-shift mode will automatically be enabled.

However, if you use the gear stick, the mode will be changed to the auto-clutch mode where you only have to use the gear stick. By pressing the clutch, you will enter full manual mode. Keep in mind that cars with torque converters, CVT, dual clutches, etc. cannot be driven in full manual mode regardless of whether you have the option enabled or not.

Plus, Gran Turismo 7 allows you to adjust the torque value of the cars. The higher the value, the less responsive your car will feel. However, if you set it to a lower value, you will feel more responsiveness from your steering wheel and your car.

On top of that, you can even adjust the force resistance that you’ll feel when turning the steering wheel. Adjusting both of these settings according to your preference will allow you to have an immersive experience and enjoy the game more.

These are all the best Gran Turismo 7 supported steering wheels available right now. Let us know in the comments below about which steering wheel you are using. We would love to know your experience with it.

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  1. Is there any chance other steering wheels will be added to ps5 GT7 list
    This seems a bit rough that people have bought wheels that work wth os4 but won’t with ps5

  2. Real bad issues with the car wanting to turn right or left by itself in the Daytona track this is one of the worst games I’ve ever played in 40 years so so many issues with this game supposed to have all these high-tech professional game makers but they can’t get a simple driving game figured out……..

  3. On gt7 my car is locked from going the normal speed, its menu 24, im on win 1 lap attack, on the final one, where You run the whole lap, I’ve don it for hours now and still can’t manage to get a bronze. Because the car im running, for some reason is locked from hitting its normal speed.

    The demonstration ghost can hit far further top speed and acceleration.

  4. On GT7 the “Weekly Challenge” the last challenge when selected states “it is not ready”. I did not have this issue for the first few weeks until the last three weeks. Is there a workaround for this issue?

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