Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) Known Issues, Bugs and Workarounds

Polyphony Digital has just released Gran Turismo 7 and it already seems to be a massive success. However, with any AAA title, there still are a slew of bugs that are plaguing the game which can be quite annoying to deal with. With that said, we’ve included the full list of issues, bugs, and their known workarounds for you.

As of yet, the game doesn’t seem to be as buggy as compared to most other games. However, there still are a few issues that can be annoying to deal with. You can find all the GT7 bugs and known issues down below. Planning to play this game with a steering wheel? Check out this list of officially supported wheel controllers.

Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) Known Issues and Bugs:

The current list we’ve concocted so far is a culmination of user reports alongside an official list as well. This list has been updated as of April 13, 2022. If you are going through an issue other than these, please let us know in the comment and we’ll surely add them! Here’s a list of all the current bugs and issues currently present in Gran Turismo 7:

April 25 Update: Patch 1.13 brings the big April 2022 free content update which includes three new cars and several new locations. It also includes a few new Settings you might want to check out.

April 13 Update: Patch 1.12 is a small patch just released with two bug fixes for the Brand Central and World Circuits.

April 7 Update: Patch 1.11 is now rolling out with a number of improvements to various game modes, along with fixes for the Used Cars, Livery Editor, Car Physics Simulation etc,

March 25 Update: Patch 1.09 was just pushed out with a number of improvements and adjustments to various game modes.

March 18 Update: Patch 1.08 was just released online after a down time of more than 24 hours for the GT7 online services. The developers were finally able to fix the issue found out in yesterday’s patch.

March 17 Update: Patch 1.07, a fresh new update was just deployed, which may or may not have broken the online services of the game. A newer patch should be coming out soon.

March 10 Update: Patch 1.06 was just deployed to fix bugs.

Official GT7 Known Issues (April 25):

World Circuits
 - When using certain cars on Championship events, leaving in the middle of a round and restarting may cause a Performance Point (PP) limit violation to appear, preventing players to resume their championship. If this happens, lowering the PP value to under the limit before resuming the championship should solve this issue;
 - In certain championships, such as ‘World Touring Cars 600’ from Menu Book No. 33, players may be unable to enter the championship without reducing their Performance Points (PP) from ‘Car Settings’ even if they are using the recommended car or one of the rival cars.

 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where ‘Preparing’ is displayed on screen but the Host cannot start the race. Having all room members leave and re-entering the room will allow the race to be started;
 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where entering the track in Practice does not let you drive and skip directly to the Final Race. In this case, please try to leave and re-enter the room;
 - In a ‘2P Split Screen’ race, the Assist Settings for Player 2 are locked. We plan to fix this in a future update. (Player 1 will use the same Assist Settings as defined in [Settings] > [Assist Settings]);
 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where players in the same room do not appear on the member list or during the race. In this case, an application error will occur when the host starts the race;
 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases wherein completing a race would not let users progress further.

Car Settings
 - There have been cases where the Performance Points (PP) do not calculate correctly if the maximum output of the engine is adjusted with a Power Restrictor, or if extreme settings or specific operations are performed on a Fully Customisable Transmission.

Livery Editor
 - There have been cases wherein opening the Livery data from [Open Design] > [Design List] of the Livery Editor will make all the applied decals disappear. Deleting the saved data from the console storage without editing or saving the design may fix this issue.

 - Some Trophies will not unlock if you played the game on both PlayStation®5 console and PlayStation®4 system.

 - There have been cases wherein the App hangs during the loading screen at start-up, and rare cases wherein the App crashes when entering certain race events. Deleting and re-installing ‘Gran Turismo 7’ might fix those issues.

Note: This is an updating story! We’ll be adding more bugs and their fixes as they come in. If you are having trouble with a particular point, please let us know in the comments section down below!


– In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where ‘Preparing’ is displayed on screen but the Host cannot start the race. Having all room members leave and re-entering the room will allow the race to be started.

– In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where entering the track in Practice does not let you drive and skip directly to the Final Race. In this case, please try to leave and re-enter the room.

– In a ‘2P Split Screen’ race, the Assist Settings for Player 2 are locked. We plan to fix this in a future update. (Player 1 will use the same Assist Settings as defined in [Settings] > [Assist Settings].)

Race Screen

– The overtake buttons on the following cars are displayed as ‘Nitrous’:
 ・Super Formula Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Honda
 ・Super Formula Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Toyota

Brand Central

– In some cases an ‘Invitation’ icon is displayed in the ‘Showroom’ of a manufacturer, even when a player did not receive any Invitation. Leaving ‘Brand Central’ and returning to the World Map will solve the issue.


When spectating in the ‘Lobby’ or ‘Meeting Place,’ if a player switches the camera target to a car in the pits, then changes back to a car on track, the 3rd Person view becomes unavailable. Leaving the ‘Spectate’ mode once will solve the issue.

World Circuits

– In the ‘Rotational G’ display of the setting screen, speeds other than 120 km/h (75 mph) are displayed incorrectly. The proper speeds are as follows:
 ・80 km/h -> 60 km/h (50 mph -> 40 mph)
 ・160 km/h -> 240 km/h (99 mph -> 150 mph)

– In ‘Time Trial’ and ‘Drift Trial’ on Dirt tracks, it is possible to choose cars without dirt tyres installed from the [Settings] > [Change Car] of the Quick Menu.

– After entering a room in ‘Meeting Places’, if a player changes the Assist Settings from the Quick Menu and goes on track, the Assist Settings go back to the settings before the room entry. It is possible to avoid this issue by changing the settings from the Pause Menu after entering the track.

Display Settings

The changes to the exposure value in the ‘Exposure and Saturation’ settings made when starting the game for the first time are not reflected in the preview screen.


When broadcasting the game from a PlayStation®4 system, an application error occurs.

That’s all the issues currently occurring in Gran Turismo 7. As mentioned earlier, we’ll be updating this post as soon as we get our hands on more reports!

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  1. Some cars will not apply modifications properly, settings sheet reverting to stock including weight on exit rendering weight reduction stage 2 impossible to install, cars affected include the 2015 Madda Atenza Sedan XD L Package and the 1991 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo

    • On GT7, car settings, settings sheet, transmission – Why are the gear speeds only in km/h when tuning? In my game options “miles” is selected as units. And the box that opens to adjust the gears overlaps the curve chart.

  2. I have an issue where its asking me to upgrade classic Mini Cooper in the tuning shop however when I purshase upgrades the PP aren’t changing so ive spent nearly all my coins and brought most of stuff that improves PP but no increase and now I’m stuck and can’t progress any further please help

  3. Hello my ps5 gran turismo7 game for a lot of bug because if one of the car tuning you will return to the basic engine and if multiplayer does not always smoke the wheel when a player is not showing the spoiler for is it far if I’m stand still to the my car will always be durred by the exhaust And when i in the fps mode a look behind and i didnt see the spoiler please reapair this bug thanks.

  4. I can’t apply upgraded parts to the mustang gt 15. I don’t believe the weight reduction was applied properly either

  5. You’ve all been lucky. For me the game is completely unusable.

    First time it loaded after downloading the main game the nickname screen did nothing. You could press O to get the cursor but nothing else did anything so no way to enter a name. After a few minutes X then progressed to the intro the long unskipable one with the 5 minute history then the main sequence. When they eventually completes you’re presented with a black screen with the bar at the top but nothing in the middle, controls do nothing and all you can do is to quit the game and start again. If you do that you can then enter a nickname and then the wait 8 minutes for the history and title scene to run the if you’re lucky the game may load.

    • I’m having similar issues on the PS5. Going to some of the places (I forget the term used) from the Home Screen oftentimes results in a blank screen with the bar at the top still visible along with the GT LIVE button and info at the bottom left. I’ve just been exiting and booting up the game to “resolve” it which is unfortunate.
      Also my Logitech G923 seems very off compared to how it was with GT Sport. There’s almost zero force feedback for some reason (I’ve messed with the sensitivities).

  6. Same problem here. Can’t upgrade the Mini 65 at Cafe #6 mission, because the PP doesn’t change at all.

    I’m also stucked here.

    How can we report it to PD officially?

  7. I have an issue with the R32 GTR where the steering will not turn all the way even sometimes not at all, there was an instance where I had on the straight and I started braking hard and then the wheels wouldn’t even turn. This isn’t understeer! This happens multiple times a race and has stopped me from progressing in the Cafe. I only have this problem in the GTR.

    • I also have the same problem has Gerardo, a weird problem with the r32 that makes it not steer all the way. Only with a regular controller.

      • I also have a problem with the R32 gtr as well. I have souped up the car, but the. Today when I loaded back in golly there isn’t any flames coming from my exhaust. I even raced all the way to the last lap to see any difference. And nope nothing. Please fix. We all love seeing flames come out

    • I’m having this same issue with a car as well won’t even come out of the pit on multi-player because it just runs right into the wall. Only car that does it.

    • I’m having this exact same issue. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’ve tried everything possible in the tuning area. The car literally will jump side to side when on the brakes hard and literally will not turn what so ever if it’s going below 40mph. It’s only the r32 that I’ve experienced it with so far.

    • Man, so true. I’m having the exact same issue with my r32. It corners well for a couple of corners but all of a sudden it has extreme under steer where it’s actually not turning at all. Very annoying.

    • I have this exact same issue. It’s so frustrating, I have to use the handbrake just to try to get around slow turns properly and half the time I end up spinning cause the steering decides to kick in while doing it.

  8. Can’t get weight reduction level three for scirocco r 10. Days I must purchase level 2 first, which I already have done

  9. I have the issue whilst playing story mode I can not progress as now not winning any cars in races and cannot buy the car from the used car dealer. Anybody else had this issue?

    • Stuck on menu book 5 currently. I have 2 of the 3 cars and if I either win the car or buy the car the game crashes, so I essentially cant play a game I paid 90 bucks for… this is some BS!

      • I have the same problem on my ps4 except mine doesn’t crash, instead I can’t see the track; anyone know a workaround for this?

  10. I’m having the same issue as some others. When I buy upgrade parts for my Mazda Eunos Roadster they do not get applied to the car. Even though the BHP is shown to increase to 156 when I enter a race the BHP is actually back down to 117. If anyone knows of a workaround I’d really appreciate.

  11. It keeps crashing my ps5 to a full shutdown. I need to unplug and replace to even get it to turn back on. 3x so far tonight

  12. I’ve acquired every card for menu book 11, French hot hatches but it won’t let me receive rewards and move onto the next menu. So I’ve stopped playing the game basically. Anyone else have dramas?

  13. GT Auto is bugged in the livery section too, every time you exit you’re left loading and only way out is closing the app and restarting without being saved. Was all good Friday and Saturday but yesterday was turd seemed to be after the Cafe mission “put a spoiler on”.

  14. I can’t upgrade the parts of my corvette c3… i bought them, but when i select them in the car settings, it doesn’t save it. I can see the changes and even measure it, i see the results. But after i go back, its back to the default settings. Every other car works just fine, only this one… very annoying!

    • Saaame, where it’s should be written « Settings Sheet 1 » it’s blank and I can’t rename/delete it or create another one with a name

  15. Still issues with Livery editing, collection gone just shows 2 pages the same, go to save, just comes up “please wait, Rendering” but stays on 0% honestly not annoying at all when you put time into it to restart the app and it’s gone. Don’t even want to play it while it’s like this, shame.

  16. In the Nurburgring Meeting Place I keep getting kicked at random, I think it’s when there’s more than 12 people on track at the same time. My game freezes and I get kicked to dashboard.

    I had another issue where I created 3 car setups on a car and I came back and the names were blank, and the car had reset to stock on all of them. I could not edit or delete any of them. The only way to make it work was to edit the car setup before every race. In the end I had to sell the car and purchase it again. Very annoying.

  17. My progress got stucked when i tried to collect reward at the cafe right as my wifi got disconnected…

    Now i cant progress the cafe mission.

    This sucks. Cant reset the game profile.

  18. Can’t get past the 650pp porche mission, can’t apply any upgrades and instead of reading settings sheet 1 at the top of the car settings page it’s just blank. Any help would be much appreciated thx.
    Oh and if we could just get an option for carbon fiber to just be applied to the hood and trunk instead of the whole car so people won’t have to wrap the rest of the car in solid color decals just to have a carbon fiber hood, just kind of annoying…

  19. Career progression completely broken.
    Cafe Menu 3 needed to unlock upgrades, i have 2 of 3 cars. I need fiat 500 f68. The hint states: purchase used car or race autodrone lago maggiore world cicuit race (sunday cup classic).
    The sunday cup calssuc is not listed and the used cars section has no fiat 500 f 68. This means i cannot unlock any more, no shops, no upgrades, no tracks..nothing. not a sausage. I have completed all licences in gold and every rubbish music track. I cannot continue. It is utterly broken.

  20. I cant get my ford collection , because I dont have a truck to be able to race and win the price which is a truck?

  21. In missions “American wilderness” on Fishermans ranch reverse. The Pike Peak S1 is fitted with RH (Race Hard) tires instead of D (Dirt) tires, and is impossible to steer…

    • I have the exact same issue. Funny thing was that I was playing this event before the update and the car had Dirt ties. After the update, RH tires. I think it is a problem with all dirt tracks under missions and licence events.

  22. New update, still a croc of shite! Liveries don’t save still and it’s really annoying, can’t even change colour, when you upgrade your car it won’t save so you have to close app but it’s saved when you open the app, new one today, went to share photo…. Error, can’t share, all the showcases don’t even load, mine just shows 1 persons work and oddly has over 1500 likes, I want to play but I just don’t trust it right now, please fix these issues so we can all enjoy what should be a masterpiece.

  23. Cannot use dirt tyres on licence events on dirt tracks where even the demonstration video is using dirt tyres. Makes the licences somewhat impossible.

  24. base Ps4 (not pro): like clockwork, every time at the end of every nordshleife lap at Nurburgring, there’s a hiccup/stutter/frame freeze for a split second just as you brake for the final hairpin. Can be jarring enough to make you lose control

  25. Before the update, the car had Dirt ties. After the update, RH tires. I think it is a problem with all dirt tracks under missions and licence events. Also in mission 3 of beyond the Horizon, now is impossible to reach 250km/h even doing everything perfect, maybe because the tyres too, please check and fix it

  26. Mustang gt350 classic brought from legend cars and its got a mind of its own don’t want to steer left or right waist of 500000 gt creds

  27. Created a livery seems to be stuck at 33 percent tried to apply it 3 times now everytime the car goes back to how it was after 10 mins waiting

  28. I have a issue with the Logitech g29
    When I do races my where I need to steer hard to right or left. My steering wheel clicks hard and the steering wheel on screen stops and jumps to the way I pointed my wheel

    This bug is crazy for a sim game

  29. I can’t get or sell cars. If I win one from mission set. It crashes. If I buy one it crashes. Doesn’t matter how cheap or up to a mil car tried as I only have 1.6 mil. Really frustrating to watch a car you want in the used car dealer go away and know I can’t ever buy that car. And it’s not because of me. It’s a game issue. Tried temporary data. Tried. Saved data delete. Even uninstalled the game and re installed. Nope. I just get Moby dick d. The issues like that freezing what you can do. And causing a situation that cannot be remedied is appallingly bad. Help. Already missing todays used cars. And probably the legends. Smh

  30. PD please fix dirt and drift challenges on mission races and license tests. the game sets RH tires on the vehicles which makes these events somewhat impossible.

  31. Setting sheets are still glitched. If a car has a tune on it, I can’t add new sheets. Cars that don’t have a tune, however, can have setting sheets added to them.

  32. It’s frustrating;I can’t get past menu 3 even after update that was supposed to fix it. To have a game where you can’t play it due to a bug that’s supposed to be very rare I find very disappointing; have played gt since gt2 this will be my last .

  33. Are we missing something? In 2 player split screen, my son and I want to be able to shift but player 2 is stuck in automatic. How can we fix this?

  34. When will these be fixed! So annoying wasting hours in licence and jeep only to find out there’s gltiches (grrr)

  35. i have a issue with gt7 in ps5 im stuck at trip mountain cup race 2 after i finish the race it will freeze and the game will close and give the error msg to send the report

  36. PS5. Game crashed when complete International A10 and put me out and when start again GT7 and go to License Center, put me out again and crashed it

    • Me too on IA and the Game Crash If i try to buy a car. Its also Crash all time If i try to get My present car on missions. Its a bug we Need to wait for a update

  37. Ich habe das Problem, dass ich KEIN Geld mehr verdienen kann, habe gestern 1,6mio Credits verloren, als ich ein Dragrennen abgebrochen habe. Sämtliche Credits die verdiene werden nicht berücksichtigt, es bleibt bei 0 Credits! Noch jemand das Problem?

  38. my ps5 always crash after completing menu card 35, the touring worldcup 700.. i tried it severel times.. always crash a few seconds after i cross the finish line.. when i restart the game, i can go back to the 3. race.. but after the race still the same.. i tried to cancel the worldcup.. did some other mission and restart it again.. and once again.. after finishing the 3. race at Nordschleife, the Game crashed.. 🙁

  39. On PS5, Digital Game (not disc). Every couple of races the game freezes. You can still hear the car but the buttons become useless. Only way for anything to happen is if you press the PS home button and manually close Gt7. Then you are prompt with an error report. Which I submitted, like 20 times already….

    This has happens about every 5 races and its really annoying. I also experienced it whilst watching a replay.

  40. This game kicks me out the lobby every 5 mins and crashes saying the host has ended the game when he has not at all. Sometimes after a race it won’t go back to the lobby and I gotta reset my ps4. I do more resetting than racing honestly because of all the freezes n stuff. It needs to be fixed. It’s unacceptable.

  41. The game crashes when I go into Cafe. I could play for hours but the minute I get into Cafe the game crashes or it sends an overheating message so I have to turn it off. Is anybody dealing with the same problem?

  42. Update 1.08 just deleted all of my progress, after a few hours I got all my cars and money back but the game things I already finished and can’t progress any longer on this “new” start of campaign. It says I already have everything unlocked like before update 1.08

  43. I won points in my nations cup world series, waited till the next day and now it says I have zero, I’m behind in the championship now and would like a fix so it would not happen agin please.

  44. Cannot install patch 1.09

    Half the time I cannot download it either..
    It is a small patch, and I have 60+Gigabytes free space..

  45. Why I am the only car driving in the gt7 sport mode race? The other Cars don’t move at the start but seem to race since I finish the race between 3rd and 5th even if I am racing all alone on the track. Anyone had this Problem as well? Thanks for help!

  46. How do I resolve issue with Gran Turismo7 whereas my savefile on your server is corrupt. Due to two sessions on server being open on my ps5 and ps4 at same time. My saved file created an “in progress” in the Cafe but the race has disappeared from menu. I cannot find any support help for this issue. Please assist. My game is essentially frozen from progress…. Thankyou

  47. My screen has been continuously freezing during races but I’ll still hear my car going off track and crashing. This happens with Sport Mode or AI in game races. I’ve even dropped in DR rating because I’ve had to restart the game from the screen freezing. Very frustrating to the point where I don’t even want waste my time playing until the next update is available.

  48. Game worked fine until about a week ago everything but the checkered flag icon is grayed out. Tried reinstalling game and everything but nothing works. Game is unplayable.

  49. I’ve had nothing but problems with this game from the beginning. First of all, I never win cars for winning a race for the first time, only credits. I actually used to, prior to one of the updates, but no longer. I’m currently at menu book 14, and I’ve been here for awhile… I apparently need to win the Mustang Boss at Blue Moon Bay. In addition to the fact that it’s impossible for me to win a car, Blue Moon Bay doesn’t even have any races available. It just says “There are no race events taking place at the moment.” If I could just buy the car, I would, but it doesn’t seem to be a car that will show up at the ridiculously limited selection used car dealer. Obviously, my experience must be rare, because I haven’t seen many other similar complaints, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. I’m done wasting time with this one

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