How To Find The Phantom Car in GTA Online | Halloween Event

gta online halloween slashers phantom car spawn

As the Halloween event in GTA online nears its conclusion, Rockstar has introduced a new “Phantom Car Holloween Event”, like killer clowns just weren’t scary enough on their own. Although the title suggests that you would be getting access to a cool new car, the truth is far more devious than you could imagine.

During the event, an unmanned Declasse Tornado will follow the player character while they drive around Los Santos. However, things turn a lot grimmer if you are found walking on foot because the car will proceed to catch on fire and try to run you over. If you are someone who would enjoy that, here’s a complete guide on how to trigger the event.

How To Start The Phantom Car Event in GTA Online

gta online halloween slashers phantom car spawn

If you are looking to trigger the horrific Phantom Car Event, there is a specific step-by-step procedure you would need to follow. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared the steps and all you need to do is the following.

  • Boot up your game.
  • Enter “Free Roam” mode, but do not enter any buildings.
  • Pass the time, till the in-game clock is somewhere between 9pm-5am.
  • You must not use helicopters, boats, planes, vehicles with weapons, the Deluxo, or either the Oppressor/Oppressor MK2.
  • The Phantom Car will only appear after the first 16 minutes have elapsed since the start of the session.
  • After all these requirements have been met, all you have to do is drive or walk around till ominous music starts playing.
  • If you’re in a vehicle, you should see a Declasse Tornado with just its headlights on, stalking you.
  • If you’re on foot, the car will be on fire, have bright red headlights and will aggressively drive towards you non-stop.

Note that you can not achieve this alone, and there must be at least one more player available in the session.

How To Kill The Phantom Car

So you have successfully managed to get a ghost car on your trail, congratulations, NOW WHAT? How do you get rid of it? Well, to do that, is a rather simple task. All you need to do is either focus your entire arsenal on the car till it blows up, or just perform one of the above-mentioned forbidden tasks, and voila you’re free from the clutches of the four-wheeled menace.

What do you think about these new themed events being incorporated in GTA online? Let us know in the comments below.

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