How to Find Killer Clowns in GTA Online?

Killer Clowns GTA Online

As a part of recent Halloween Celebrations in GTA Online, tons of new content has been added to the game. However, perhaps the most frightening is the addition of various Slashers in the GTA Online franchise. Here’s how you can find them for yourself in the game. Be warned! They’re as scary as they look.

While we aren’t sure of how long the Killer Clowns will be creeping around Los Santos, we can anticipate that they’ll be gone by the start of November. So, if you want to find one, now’s the best time to do so. Keep reading to learn how you can spawn these Killer Clowns for yourself.

How To Spawn Killer Clowns

First thing’s first, you need to log in to GTA Online and join a private or public session. You’ll be able to find one in both. If you want the Clown to spawn, you’ll need to be in a relatively abandoned area where there aren’t any players near you.

According to most users on Reddit and Twitter, these Killer Clowns tend to spawn when you are driving slowly (Below 60 MPH) or are walking around in the streets of Los Santos or any other area for that matter. Generally, they tend to spawn in 20 minutes of you joining a session.

Here are some other pre-requisites that we’ve identified in order to spawn a Killer Clown:

  • You will need to be on foot or in a simple vehicle. (No helicopters, planes, boats or the Opressor)
  • The time of day needs to between 10 PM and 5 AM (Before sun-rise)
  • You will need to be in free-form mode.

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Killer Clown Location in GTA Online:

GTA Online Killer Clown Location

Here’s the general location for Killer Clowns in GTA Online. As you can see, they are generally located in the heart of the city.

How To Kill Killer Clowns in GTA Online?

You’ve just spotted a Killer Clown with a machete running towards you, now what? Well, killing Killer Clowns in the game isn’t really easy, they have a high amount of HP and do not ragdoll around like other player models.

However, you can still have at them by firing high calibre rounds from either your Sniper Rifles or a Rocket Launcher / Explosive Mines if that’s more your thing. In most cases, they don’t try outright but are staggered.

You will receive a Twilight Knife T-Shirt for your troubles on November 1.

Are you excited for Killer Clowns making their appearance in GTA Online? Let us know in the comments down below!

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