How To Find All Slashers In GTA Online

GTA Online’s Halloween Event is happening right now and it involves a Phantom Car chasing you down, Killer Clowns getting in your way alongside three other slashers that are certain to turn your life into a living hell. Here’s how you can find all these slashers in GTA Online and kill them.

Rockstar has certainly been putting more effort into their events recently. With sales being offered on various online stores present in GTA Online alongside tons of new content added on the occasion of the update, Slashers are definitely one of the most intriguing addendums to the game.

How to Find Slashers in GTA Online

There are 4 Slashers that are currently in the GTA Online Halloween Event, they are:

  • Clown Slasher
  • Psycho Slasher
  • Driver Slasher
  • Killer Slasher

All of these Slashers have the same HP points and are hard to kill. However, they have different player models and spawn in different locations which you can find out down below. If you wish to find any of these slashers, here are some pre-requisites you have to follow:

  • Must not be using a special vehicle. (Oppressor, Helicopter, Boat, etc.)
  • Time must be between 9 PM to 5 AM (Before sun-rise)
  • The game session should have lasted at least 16 minutes
  • Player must be in free-roam mode

If all these conditions are checked out, you should be able to head down to any of these locations mentioned below and find the Slasher you desire!

All Slasher Locations

Here are some snippets of the GTA Online map that should help you find out where all the Slashers are located.

The Clown Slasher

the clown slasher

The Killer Slasher

the killer slasher

The Psycho Slasher

the psycho slasher

The Driver Slasher

the driver slasher location

Do Slashers Drop A Reward?

Yes, they do! Killing any Slasher in this list nets you a Twilight Knife T-Shirt which you’ll be getting on November 1.

Are you excited for this year’s GTA Online Halloween event? What Slasher is the creepiest according to you?

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