Call of Duty: Mobile has a great amount of medals to reward the players with, as they go on to complete different objectives and missions. There a total of 86 Medals in Call of Duty: Mobile, among which, 43 can be earned by playing Multiplayer mode whereas 27 can be earned in Battle Royale mode. Today, we will specifically look at the Gun Master Medal.

After reading this article, you will be able to unlock the Medal if you have not already. Also there is a seasonal challenge going on, which demands the medal, to give various rewards. So let’s see how you can get the medal for yourself.

Gun Master Medal in Call of Duty: Mobile

Gun Master Medal in Call of Duty: Mobile

Earning a Gun Master medal will test your skills in the Battle Royale mode. You would have to get at least 9 kills, since it requires you to have over 8 kills. You can try to get this medal in the original Battle Royale Mode or in the Alcatraz Mode. However, you do not want to grind for the medal in the Warfare Mode, because your kills there will not count towards the medal.

Alcatraz Map will be the best choice, as it is a small map and you can get some easy kills. And another advantage is that you get to respawn multiple times.

Prime Loadout Seasonal Challenge

Prime Loadout Seasonal Challenge requires Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile

A seasonal challenge by the name of “Prime Loadout” is currently running in Call of Duty: Mobile, and it rewards the players with Javier Salazar’s character skin. It’s second last task requires exactly the same Gun Master Medal that we have discussed above. Completing the objective will give x6000 Battle Pass XP, and x15 Purple Weapon XP Cards.

Prime Loadout Seasonal Challenge requires Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile

If you want to take a more detailed look then check out our How to Unlock Javier Salazar Character in COD Mobile | “Prime Loadout” Challenge article.

This was our complete guide about the Gun Master Medal and how to earn it. Collect the Medal one time to earn rewards in the Seasonal Challenge and unlock the Javier Salazar Character Skin.

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